Bad Girls Club

Fashion, 80s style.

It looks like wintry weather is here to stay, but no fear, we’ve put together a few fun, 80s-inspired looks to add some color to your wardrobe. So go ahead, unleash your inner Heather.

On Claire (left)

Joe’s Jeans Skinny Ankle coated jeans, $192, Scout and Molly’s. Lovely Day crop top, $25, Fedora. Bella Dahl chambray shirt, $132, Scout and Molly’s. Shoes, model’s own. Beanie and jewelry stylist’s own.

On Brittney (back center)

Sequin romper, $50, Fedora. Triangle necklace, $34, Fedora. Purse, $45, Fedora. Gibson Blazer, $98, Nordstrom. Metal cuff, $44, Scout and Molly’s. Wood bracelet with studs, $42, Scout and Molly’s. Vintage gold hoops, booties, and tights, stylist’s own.

On Taylor (front center)

Big Star Jeans, $118, Scout and Molly’s. Wildfox T-shirt, $68, Scout and Molly’s. C. Luce Leather jacket, $89, Scout and Molly’s. Black clutch, $39, Fedora. Gold earrings, $10, Fedora. Black and white necklace, $28, Fedora. Nike shoes, model’s own

On Becca (right)

Rune leather leggings, $106, Scout and Molly’s. Tibi sleeveless zebra print top, $325, Scout and Molly’s. Scarf, $19, Fedora. Snakeskin clutch, $39, Fedora. Silver hoop earrings, $14, Fedora. Coat, Betsey Johnson, stylist’s own. Shoes model’s own.

Fashion from:

Scout and Molly’s. 201 S Estes Dr. Chapel Hill, NC, (919) 969-8886.

Fedora200 N Greensboro St. Carrboro, NC (919) 969-1511.

Around Town

By Madeline Erdossy

Are you feeling a little stir crazy post Snowpocalypse Part 2? Here’s what you should see and do in Chapel Hill now.

Kipos Greek Taverna


Photo by Dara Schwartz

The newest addition to Franklin Street dining, Kipos Greek Taverna offers Greek classics like baklava and mousaka made by two charismatic chefs straight from Greece. Savor food served mezze style accompanied by a variety of Greek wines and liquors. Grab a drink like the Athena or buy a pastry from their all-day bakery and enjoy the homey atmosphere only found at Kipos. 431 W. Franklin St., (919) 425-0760;

Steel String Brewery


Photo by Dara Schwartz

Carrboro welcomes Steel String Brewery, which prides itself in furthering the North Carolina craft beer movement through its assortment of ales. Though they don’t serve food, they have partnered up with food trucks so customers can enjoy a beer and some street food while sitting outside in the beautiful winter weather. Non-beer drinkers, don’t fret! Steel String also serves wine, crude bitters and sodas. 106A S. Greensboro St., (919) 240-7215;

Thrill City


Photo by Dara Schwartz

Thrill City, a student-run apparel brand, started up in the summer of 2011 with very little direction. They’ve since figured out their brand and are now are selling their merchandise at their first retail location on Franklin Street. They’ve also recently started a locally-focused online magazine. For the first time ever, the community has a magazine made solely by students filled with smart opinion pieces, great photography and all things Chapel Hill. 422 W. Franklin St.; 

He’s Got the Beat


Photo by Dara Schwartz

By Mary Frances Buoyer

Carter Fourqurean doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to his involvement with Vinyl Records UNC, the University’s student-run, service-based record label that helps campus musicians break into the industry.

“It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done in college, and there’s nowhere else where college students can get hands-on experience with professional equipment,” Fourqurean says.

Fourqurean, a senior media production major and co-president of Vinyl Records UNC has been involved with the label for over a year. Students can record with state of the art equipment for free, which is the reason why Fourqurean says he loves the label the most.

For more information, check out Vinyl Records UNC on Facebook or follow on Twitter @vinylrecordsunc.

The Buzz About Town

Photo by Bernadine Dembosky

Photo of Joey Skavroneck by Bernadine Dembosky

By Isabella Kinkelaar

The buzz around campus, Buzz Rides that is, is a new transportation service free for UNC-CH students Tuesday through Saturday evenings.

Co-founder Joey Skavroneck is a sophomore in the Kenan-Flagler Business School. Skavroneck and his business partner Parker Draughon got the idea for their company after they went on a Kenan-Flagler global immersion elective trip to India. There they got to visit a variety of companies, study business management operations and most importantly ride around in open-air taxis, known as tuk-tuks. Skavroneck wanted to bring that experience back to Chapel Hill.

“It’s not just a ride home, it’s an experience,” he says. You can tell through his enthusiasm that he has a real desire to help the UNC community travel home safely, and isn’t just interested in making a profit.

Currently the company has four electric vehicles, all driven by volunteers who only accept tips as payment. “The drivers are people who care about getting kids home safe, and they love the interpersonal experience,” Skavroneck says.

His short-term goal for Buzz Rides is to get the cars fully wrapped in advertisements. Right now one car is covered in three-dimensional advertisements for Roote, a student-run nonprofit retailer of local, natural and sustainable products. Skavroneck is eager about the company’s next big move, which is the launch of the Buzz Rides app coming out within the next month.

For more information about Buzz Rides visit or their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @BuzzRidesUNC.

Spotlight: Lauren Friedmann

Photo by Audrey Hum

Photo by Audrey Hum

By Kali Hackett

Champion of the dance community, senior Lauren Friedmann is one of the driving forces behind the dance minor at UNC. Friedmann is working to solidify the minor and create opportunities for generations to come. Majoring in mathematics and economics, she releases her creative energy through dance. She dreams of becoming an arts philanthropist and currently channels her passion for philanthropy as the co-president of the Carolina Dance Project, an organization that brings dance education programs to Durham schools.

For more information, check out the Carolina Dance Project on Facebook.

Bryn Renner Talks Fall Fashion

By Marisa Hill Dunn 

Bryn Renner, UNC’s star football quarterback, is just as savvy about the sport he plays as he is about the clothes he wears.

He has his perfect first date outfit planned to a T. “Some Lucky jeans, a big button down, nice Fossil watch, probably some Cole Haan shoes,” and of course “a little gel.” How did Renner become so designer chic? “I have a GQ subscription so I’m trying to get up to date on everything,” he says.

Sadly first dates aren’t in Renner’s near future. He has a girlfriend who is fashion savvy as well. “She’s really big into maxi dresses,” he says, although he admits, “I don’t really know what that is.”

Renner’s favorite store is Nordstrom, but he probably won’t stop by for the next few months as the intense practice schedule puts him in sweats for most of football season. “The season is kind of tough, you don’t get time to dress up for things,” he says. “You try to dress up on the weekends.”

Besides his fashion sense, Renner says he is best known on the team for his competitiveness. “I hate losing,” he says. “Even with this little trash can game in the locker room. It’s a big fit if I do lose.”

With a stylish, GQ-reading quarterback who has a knack for winning, you aren’t going to want to miss any football games this season.

Carolina Homegrown


Photo by Sydney Slater

By John Geraghty

It’s fitting that the new release from Campfires and Constellations will be titled “Carolina Homegrown,” considering the five-piece folk-rock band was truly born and raised in North Carolina.

In 2010, the band began as an acoustic project between leads on vocals and guitar, Charlie Smith and Corey Bax. Since spring of 2012, the band has evolved to its full potential, adding Ernest Thompson, Stephen Mooneyhan and Daniel T. Perry IV.

Campfires and Constellations is currently recording new music with UNC Vinyl Records. “It’s forthcoming, we’re not rushing it,” says Corey Bax. Their previous release is available on Amazon, Spotify and Bandcamp.

The band of UNC-CH seniors is already quite well known among the Chapel Hill community, having performed at the Local 506, He’s Not Here and throughout Fraternity Court on game weekends.

“Everything you see is basically born of the stage,” says Charlie Smith. Their major influences include Willie Nelson, Earl Scruggs, Robert Earl Keen Jr., and Doc Watson.

“We like beer-drinking music, ya know…just tryna raise some hell,” says Smith.

Although their after graduation plans are unknown, ultimately the band would like to continue working together.

“If people wanna hear it, we’ll keep playing,” Smith says. “If you come to a Campfire show, you better bring your f***ing mouth guard because we’re gonna try and knock your teeth out.”

Follow Campfires and Constellations on Twitter at @CampfiresFolk, or visit their Facebook page here.

Blonde Ambition

Photo by Dara Schwartz

Photo by Dara Schwartz

By John Geraghty

Blonde, beauty, brains, and a whole lot of talent. She can bend and snap, too.

“Omigod you guys!” Jessica Hoffmann seems more similar to her upcoming leading role than the Carolina theater community could have ever imagined.

From November 22-24, UNC-Chapel Hill students will have the opportunity to see Hoffmann perform in Company Carolina’s fall main stage production of Legally Blonde: The Musical as leading role, Elle Woods.

If you’ve seen previous productions on campus, including The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and HAIR!, then you must be familiar with her massive talent.

What you probably did not know is that Hoffmann is a business major at the Kenan-Flagler Business School and has interned for AEG Live in Los Angeles. Although not pursuing theater as a career, she intends to combine her passion for the arts with her knowledge of business as a liaison between creatives and suits. That’s right, she’s an unexpectedly brilliant Southern California girl, just like her current role.

One thing is different, she’s chasing after her own dreams and not Warner’s. Additionally, she’s not a Delta Nu or part of the UNC Greek system, but has rather found her own “sorority or fraternity in a sense,” within the close-knit theater community.

Theater has taught Hoffmann focus, discipline and teamwork, all of which will ultimately benefit her in the long run within any professional arena she decides to pursue.

“I’m a little insane, but I honestly don’t think I’m crazy enough for theater,” Hoffmann said.

However, she is crazy enough to survive tech rehearsals, a competitive major, and a vibrant social life. How does she handle it all “so much better” than many other students?

“Good question. I drink a lot of coffee, and a lot of water so I don’t kill my vocal chords with the coffee.”

Photo by Dara Schwartz

Photo by Dara Schwartz

SCOPE Blog Under Construction–New Issue to Hit Newsstands March 1st!


We are working on a brand new SCOPE blog set to release in March along with our Great Expectations Issue! SCOPE will continue to be The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s cultural catalyst, giving you all the latest trends in pop, politics, food and style.

Keep on the lookout for our Great Expectations issue set to hit newsstands on March 1st! Our March cover star is… Skye Bolt, a top recruit for the #1 ranked UNC Baseball Team!

Thank you for stopping by! We look forward to seeing you again in March.


Fashion Resolutions for the Year 2013

With every New Year, there come 365 new days—365 new chances for making a fashion statement. Three-hundred and sixty-five new days for confronting the world with an identity crafted by the precise tailoring of a skirt, by the unusual color of a blouse. For the year 2013, a year some people never imagined we would reach, I have made five resolutions that I intend to honor. My five resolutions focus on the ways I have worn clothing and the possibility for re-inventing certain elements of my style.

  1. Expand my color palette beyond a shade.
  2. Embrace at least one new texture: velvet.
  3. Try a T-Shirt.
  4. Go vintage without looking too far.
  5. Abide by the motto: “I am what I wear.”

Expand my color palette beyond a shade.  Whenever someone asks me about my favorite color, I always say black, an answer that would quickly be followed by a snarky comment, such as “Black is not a color. It’s a shade.” While I still maintain that black is and probably always will be my color of choice, I have noticed that my wardrobe has a redundant number of black dresses, shirts, and boots. To celebrate the New Year, I want to expand my color palette beyond black and indulge in some unexpected colors.

Papaya Vionnet Gown

Papaya Vionnet Gown

Bordeux Dress

Bordeux Dress

Images courtesy of

White-Gold Dress

White-Gold Dress

Image courtesy of

Embrace at least one new texture: velvet. I’ve always played it safe when it comes to textures, and when I venture into new territories, I tend to choose the safer options. However, I’ve always wondered if velvet, which I usually associate with frumpy, less modern styles, can become new for me. After scouring the Internet, I’ve found that the best velvet looks are ones that emphasize the romance of velvet and downplay the formal nature of the texture, like this burgundy velvet dress and J.Crew t-shirt.

Mink Pink Snow Palace Cutout Burgundy Velvet Dress

Mink Pink Snow Palace Cutout Burgundy Velvet Dress

Image courtesy of

Deep Blue Velvet Tee

Image courtesy of

Speaking of t-shirts, I’ve decided that for my third resolution, I am going to try a t-shirt.  Aside from the gym and the airplane, I refrain from wearing t-shirts in public. I suppose they always seem so basic and boring to me. And if I do wear a t-shirt, I’ve usually added two or three layers on top of the initial garment. This year, however, I want to try wearing a t-shirt and letting it speak for itself. I’ve recently found some t-shirts that express both my inner book-nerd and love for Game of Thrones.




Images courtesy of

Go vintage without looking too far. By vintage, I mean old, and by old, I mean the past three or four years. Recently, a friend of mine pointed out a dress that I hadn’t worn in at least two years. Paired with some cowboy boots and a necklace, the dress became a new look. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, I’ve decided to re-asses what I never wear and create new looks from my old apparel.

Abide by the motto: “I am what I wear.” After attending UNC’s fall sustainable fashion show, I’ve been thinking more pointedly about the ways in which my clothes are made. I’ve started to search for sustainable or environmentally friendly clothing stores in the area that don’t sacrifice style for a conscious soul. I came upon a small store in Brightleaf, Durham, named vert &vogue, and I immediately fell in love with their super-chic, environmentally friendly clothing.


mens_cropped womens_tight

Images courtesy of

Now that I’ve made my New Years fashion resolution, what are yours? They don’t have to be drastic resolutions, and some of the fashion elements can already exist in your wardrobe. Just think about the concept of re-shaping your style for all the days left in 2013.