Michelle Bellamy: Gettin’ Started

I’m extremely excited about Kaleidoscope’s new electronic direction that it is taking. I think this blog will truly be a great way to get our name out there on campus, and to give each stylist another opportunity to show our stuff! My name is Michelle Bellamy and I have been on Kaleidoscope’s staff since the beginning of the ‘08-‘09 school year.

UNC Chapel Hill is known for it’s diversity and liberalism, so I thought it would be great to showcase the student body’s creativity and diversity in fashion, particularly urban styles. On a typical day it would not be uncommon for me to walk through Polk Place and see fashions that were taken and inspired from places all over the world. Just like a legend on a map, with a compass which shows North, South, East, and West, while also giving hints as to what each particular color or pattern was on a map, I hope that with this blog I can highlight the trendy guys and gals on campus with their unique, personal, and sometimes, cultural style.

Time to put UNC’s fashion on the map!



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About mabellam90

Michelle Bellamy: (mi-shěl) (běl'ə-mē) -noun 1. A 4'11 fashion-loving, bargain-searching, pushing-the-fashion-boundary type of girl. Loves to wear bold colors, mixing patterns, horizontally striped pants, and flowers/bows/headbands in her hair. Usually seen carrying a purse bigger than her. antonyms: conservative, plain, formal, dull, normal

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