Do the Brits do it Better?

Today being Monday, I could easily allow 50 minutes of my day to stalk the web for any signs of a fresh fashion site for those in need of a quick study break. (Those 50 minutes for which I should have been intently listening to my linguistics professor on the subject of something rhyming with uhh Vogue? but with a “b” to replace the “g” and starting maybe with an “L”?… lobe! Yes, frontal lobe… occipital… temporal… I dislike this class…)

So my stalking abilities succeeded yet again and I found a site affiliated with Hearst Digital, the same company who designs the sites for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.  I apologize because the site is pretty well known BUT its words come to us all the way from the great UK! How ironic that the first fashion site I write about is not even stationed in the U.S.  Check out!

The site is innovative and informative, with the added bonus of pretty pictures and colorful layouts; an easy way to read up on the Euro fashion buzz without leaving your dorm (although the alternative is much more enticing!).

A few highlights:

· Ultimate Dress Guide Spring/Summer 09”

· Each week they have a recap of the weeks favorite celebrity looks

· Top 10 Best Dressed Women of All Time” (along with many other top 10 lists)

· Street Style at Paris Fashion Week 2009

Julia Von Boehm, Fashion editor, Paris Vogue

Julia Von Boehm, Fashion editor, Paris Vogue

The site also offers advice on beauty, relationships, and health. Although fashion is our passion, don’t forget to enrich your mind with a diversified curriculum, i.e. the latest hair products, organic food and butt busting workouts!

So you can judge for yourself, do the Brits do it better?


Katie Wood

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