Play Stylist for the Day at!

Swedish model Carolina Engman and her team of tech-savvy fashion lovers have come together to create Looklet – an endless virtual closet filled with (almost) everything you’ll ever need. Real models? Designer tops, frocks, bottoms, and accessories? Even vintage finds? Check, check, and check!

The shoe selection currently offers slim pickings, but the site is being updated regularly with new additions to the closet. Try it out, it’s slightly addicting…but in a good way. It gets you thinking about how to create different silhouettes and color combinations, while honing your personal taste through trial and error.

The site just opened up to the public yesterday morning, so be one of the first to test out the newest version. Let us know what you think!

Looklet 1 Looklet 2 Looklet 3

3 thoughts on “Play Stylist for the Day at!

  1. I love the second look! It’s so chic and I can see myself wearing the entire outfit and each piece with everything else in my wardrobe!

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