“Diamonds” are a girl’s best friend

JEWELRYOne of the things I’ve learned from my mom is that I should never, ever, leave my house without earrings.  Other than that, I’ve never been the type to wear much jewelry. Sometimes I sling on a necklace or a pair of bangles, but most days, I blindly gather my silver studs from my nightstand, put them on, and call it a day.

But recently, I’ve been abnormally attracted to big, chunky, shiny, statement-making jewelry.

It’s no secret that bold pieces of jewelry have been making the fashion rounds lately: bib necklaces, sparkly earrings, chunky rings, etc.  It’s all about letting the jewels do the talking, and pairing it with a simple tee and basic pieces seems like a match made in heaven.

I call it the “I just rolled out of bed and abused granny’s jewelry box” look.  And I love it!

But, I have a limited budget, so when it comes to jewelry, I look for expensive-looking cheap pieces that can complete my look.  And I found the perfect place: Forever XXI.  There are hundreds of pieces to choose from!  Every style, every color: all at very low prices. Almost all the pieces on the banner above are less than $10.  So, if you’re looking for a cheap way to update your look, go to Forever XXI, and enjoy! (I already have three necklaces coming my way).

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