Creative professionals destructing adventurous and provocative scenes of innovative fashion to produce tantalizingly fresh works of art.

These words sum up just a minuscule portion of statements that could be used to describe

The site showcases both original portfolios of professional photographers as well as the fashion collections of numerous top designers.

Giuliano Bekor created prints for the Eva Culture look book capturing the elegance of the beautifully draped clothing while pushing for a strong sense of romance through the model’s poses and dramatic hair.

Eva Culture

Eva Culture

Humor also plays a role in some of the more editorial shoots.  I could not get over the ridiculous makeup and setup of Ben Duarte’s Circus Life editorial featuring models in a strange array of prints and shapes with full on clown makeup.  What exactly is remotely pretty or interesting about girls in straw with a circus tent as a background?  Maybe others think differently but honestly, clowns are scary!

Scary? Non?

Scary? Non? definitely can take the viewer by surprise but its power to do so makes the up-and-coming site worthwhile to check out.

I’ll end with a quote from Lady GaGa.  It goes out to all my friends with a similar fetish for beautiful clothing WAYYY above our price line.

“We live a cute life
Soundfematic, pants tigh-ter than plastic, honey
But we got no money”

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