Classically Striking

COS FallWinter 2009 Collection01

As an arts writer, I am constantly pushed through Art Galleries featuring tons of classical and modern paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Every time I visit one of the galleries I always find myself enthralled by old posters, especially those of Fritz Lang, Hitchcock, and Humphrey Bogart films. The COS fall and winter collection captures my eye in the same nostalgic way the posters do – is it odd for me to have nostalgic feelings for a time period I never lived in?

The COS collection consists of neutral grays, whites, and dark blacks for the fall and winter. The label mixes slim and straight cuts on both tops and bottoms. Three button suit jackets and over sized rain coats draw form the past while still looking modern. While this collection won’t stand out as anything new one must appreciate the classic details.

Images from Men’s Rag

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