Find a friend, save your life

A recent study performed at Chicago University has declared that it is even more important than anyone could have thought to have a strong friend base. Loneliness in women has now been proven to be linked to breast cancer. The study, which was performed on mice, was intended to identify “cancer-prone environments” to better understand what alterations to genes take place in pre-cancerous individuals. Although researchers have been trying to prove that stress leads to breast cancer, up until now, there was no scientific evidence for this idea. Dr. Suzanne Conzen, who led the study, described a “clear, measurable difference both in mammary gland tumor growth and accompanying behavior and stress hormone levels.” To put it simply, women who suffer from the stress of social isolation are more likely to develop breast cancer. The good news is that there is now an easy and entertaining way to reduce your risks: grab your girls and hit the town for some cancer-fighting fun!

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