Ackland’s Avant-Garde Showcase


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Cater to your artsy side with the  Ackland Art Museum’s fall exhibit, The Guardian and the Avant-Garde, which is set to open this Saturday, Oct. 3.

The exhibit will feature a famous sculpture by Seymour Lipton called The Sentinel II. This historical sculpture was made in 1959 and shows the heroic standards and ideas of the 1950’s.

Lipton explained his sculpture as reflecting Abstract Expressionist mythology and philosophy. The Sentinel II refers to heroism, defense against enemies and the portrayal of the “battle of life” through aspects of the sculpture such as its standing figure, the armor and the helmet.

Avant-Garde art is pushes cultural norms and boundaries and is generally considered modernist. The Sentinel II and many other pieces set to be featured in the exhibit have broken free from folkloric ideas of protective spirits and instead depict political leaders, revolutionaries and artists.

The Guardian and the Avant-Garde exhibit will be on display until Jan. 3, 2010, so you have plenty of time to check it out.

If you want more info on the exhibit or Avant-Garde art, go to Conversation with the Curators discussion at the Hanes Art Center auditorium on Sunday, Oct. 4 at 3 p.m.

This modern art is fun, dynamic and focuses on today’s issues. So go get your art fix at the Ackland Art Museum this fall!

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