Style Inspiration: My So-Called Life


In an effort to put off studying, I have been watching episodes of My So-Called Life on (it’s free and its in high-def!). Vintage Claire Danes and Jared Leto is kind of really refreshing, the writing is good, and I’m beginning to realize that 90s style isn’t all that bad. I mean, who doesn’t like ringpops?

Details: Forever21 sequined beret and plaid shirt. Print Liberation t. Acne jeans. Erin Wasson x RVCA leather vest. Topshop strawbag. Mafia People aviator sunglasses. Converse sneakers.

MSCL image source.

1 thought on “Style Inspiration: My So-Called Life

  1. I love that you put ring pops on the collage haha! And I have to say, I never dressed this cool in the ’90s, but I suppose I could make up for that now!

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