Grade Inflation?

If you read yesterday’s Daily Tar Heel, you saw the front page article on grade inflation.  UNC’s Faculty Council is currently discussing the university’s grading policy, mostly because the oh so coveted A is being seen more and more on transcripts across campus.  I don’t know about you, but I kind of like that trend.  But, I’m forcing myself to think a little deeper on the issue.  If more and more people are getting A’s in their classes, the perceived value of the grade is diminished.  If grade inflation at UNC continues, an A will eventually come to signify something less extraordinary than it has in the past.  So when we’re competing against students from universities who don’t suffer from the problem of rampant grade inflation, our A’s hold less value than their’s.   What do you think?  Is a super high GPA that’s been padded by grade inflation worth the potential costs it could inflict?  Or would you rather put in more effort to make the grade and possibly gain a more competitive edge after your undergraduate career is over?

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