Image: Your Career Is On The Line

We all know that a person’s appearance is important for a job interview in any career.  But really, how important is it?  In my opinion, image is EVERYTHING.  Honestly, who doesn’t make judgements and assumptions based on the effort a person puts into their day-to-day style and dress?  Looking haggard and wornout makes you look weak rather than the powerful, professional character you really are.  A good first impression is imperative.

So how should you dress?  The simplest answer is: everyday, you should leave your home looking impeccable, head to toe.  With proper, professional, yet stylish, attire and immaculate grooming, you will always be ahead and on top.

Now for the clothes… A skirt suit is a must for every woman’s closet.  For a first interview, a skirt suit is the safest choice.  Keep the accesories simple and the perfume at a minimum.  An interview is not the time to try the latest Britney Spears fragrance you bought the other day at CVS.  Go for simple studs for earrings and an elegant watch on your wrist.  For shoes, always go for something sleek, comfortable, and professional.  No, this is not the time for those coughjackrogerscough grlackk… But say yes to a simple pair of black pumps or cute flats.  Skirts should hit at or below the knee and tights should be worn in most circumstances.  Here are some not-so-drab looks to empower and impress!

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Banana Republic

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1 thought on “Image: Your Career Is On The Line

  1. totally agree about the importance of presenting yourself well, especially if you are entering a field where image/style is important, & let’s face it, that includes many fields these days. BUT i think style should always take a backseat to intellect/character/demeanor. there’s also a drawback to being hyper-stylish/trendy. it can distract potential employers/associates. but you raise great points on image. in addition to fashion, i would focus on image in general. what are you projecting in general (what’s your facebook, linkedin profile looking like for example), is a question job-seekers should ask themselves. these image issues are becoming increasing important with the internet (natch)!

    finally, i have to disagree with your advice to look “impeccable, head to toe” everyday. to call that advice unrealistic would be an understatement. that’s just way too much pressure. i would suggest being cognizant of your appearance everyday, instead.

    GREAT post, though! this issue of image pertaining to employment is especially relevant in this economy.

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