Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro

Famously controversial actress Lindsay Lohan recently decided to expand her reach into the fashion world by partnering with fashion house Emanuel Ungaro’s new head designer, Estrella Archs.  But it looks like this attempt is as much of a failure as her attempts to clean up her reputation.  Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige hired Lohan as “artistic advisor” for his fashion house, firing Esteban Cortezar, the head designer at the time, in the process.  Ungaro himself is finally beginning to renounce his connections with the collection.  After the line received horrible reviews from critics at Paris Fashion Week, Ungaro has been very vocal about his exasperation with Lohan’s lack of fashion knowledge and inability to design a wearable, or even sellable, line of clothing.  Ungaro is so furious that the fashion house bearing his name is connected with the line that some critics called a “disaster” that he told reporters at the International Film Festival in Estoril, Portugal, “I have absolutely no connection with that house.”  Harsh?  After taking a look at some of Lohan’s designs, tell us what you think.

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