New Year’s Make-Up Musts

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January 31st – the one day it is acceptable to adorn more sequins and glitter than you can ever imagine.  This year, don’t forget to match that sequined mini with a sparkling shadow or liner.  Glittered lids were seen all over the 2009 runways – and not just in the typical silver and gold shimmer.  Urban Decay has a line of multi-colored glitter liners, perfect for that eye-catching New Years look.  Feeling confident enough to cover the whole lid? Apply a glitter eyeshadow from bottom of eyelid to brow line, or blend two different shades. Don’t forget to line the lower lid and inner corners for an eye-opening look. Try M·A·C Glitter eyeshadow in a classic gold or a daring fuchsia, first applying vaseline to the desired area so the glitter will stick.  If the eyeshadow is too much with your sequin dress, focus on just your eyelashes with a glittery mascara or even a pair of fake lashes for a bolder look (Sephora’s glitter lashes).  Remember, focus on one area to avoid a disco-ball disaster.  But don’t forget your glittered top hat and 2010 glasses to bring in the new year!

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