No Need for the Weed Killer on this Blossoming Trend

French playwright Maurice Maeterlinck once stated, “Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?”   Imagine, a world devoid of flowers.  Not only the loss of those magnificent petals full of life and color, but also the total extinction of floral fabrics.  This spring’s blossoming trend would not be possible without the works of Mother Nature.  Floral patterns are sprouting up this season all over the runways from such collections as Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, and Anna Sui. 

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From orchids to daisies, these patterns range from bold to delicate.  An all-over floral dress can be paired with an oversized neutral sweater to balance the busy pattern.  For those more adventurous fashionistas, this spring’s neon trend can be found embedded in these flowery prints.  A brilliantly colored high wasted floral skirt can be worn with a white tank for a cute warm weather look.  And for those looking for just a pop of color, floral prints are showing up even on this season’s revival of canvas sneakers.  These shoes worn with a favorite pair of skinny jeans and oversized tee-shirt are a comfy way to show some of one’s fun loving personality.  The world idolizes flowers as a symbol of friendship and love.  And honestly, who can’t help but smile when in the presence of someone in a flouncy floral sundress?  When clothes make you happy, you know you’ve got the perfect outfit. 

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