The Little White T-Shirt

Okay so this week we are going back to the basics. This week’s staple piece is probably the most simple and often the most boring article of clothing that hangs in our closets. The little white t-shirt. Whether it’s a crew or v-neck, loose or form-fitting… we all have one. This piece is usually only dragged out as a last resort. The thing we wear under a cute new cardigan or with that skirt that just doesn’t seem to match anything else. But watch out… the little white t-shirt is back and its better than ever before.

To add interest to this blank canvas of an outfit we will need some basic pieces (yay you get to wear more of you favorite classics!) and some interesting accessories.

First way to vamp up your little white tee… Pair your shirt with a printed Pashmina or scarf. Add jeans, flats and earthy earrings for a cute and casual vibe.

Need something a little more dressy? Wear your white tee with a blazer and a statement necklace. Pair with cute leather riding boots or a classic pump depending on the occasion.

Now its time to mix things up a bit! Why not take your little white tee out for a night on the town? Just add a unique skirt, black tights, pumps and a cool necklace. Want an even edgier look? Replace the simple black pumps with some ankle boots.

These are just a few ways to wear your little white tee. Be creative. The possibilities are endless. So next time you are looking for something to wear, pull out your little white tee…you may be surprised with all the fun new ways you can wear this piece. And remember there are ALWAYS new ways to wear your classics!

Love Always,


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