The Little Black Dress

You knew it was coming eventually….. so here it is. This week’s topic is the little black dress.  There are oh so many varieties and styles of the LBD and even more ways to accessorize it. We hear it everywhere… little black dress, little black dress. It has become such an iconic piece that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. So this is my attempt to bring the little black dress out of your closet and into your everyday life. Who says that this style icon can only be taken out for special occasions? This is a new day ladies… lets bring back the little black dress!

Does the little black dress have to be for evenings only? If your LBD is a cotton or more casual fabric…wear it during the day. Pair it with a pashmina scarf and bright cardigan. Add cowboy boots or sandals with playful jewelry. If you add accessories that are bright and fun you can bring your little black dress back into the light of day.

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Wearing the little black dress out at night? Why not go for the classic approach? Add pearls and simple side pony for an Audrey Hepburn look. Want something a bit more edgy? Add funky jewelry or patterned tights. When it comes to the little black dress, the overall look is all about the accessories! So try something new… you never know what style changes are in store for you.

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If you are looking for a new little black dress, experiment with different styles. Try interesting new fabrics and structures. Add some cutouts or intricate details for a little black dress that is a bit more memorable.

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There is ALWAYS an occasion to wear a little black dress! Why else would this style icon have stayed around so long? So get creative and find more excuses to wear your little black dress! And remember new ways to wear your clothes are always just around the corner!

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