The Oxford Button Down

My latest obsession…the classic oxford button down shirt. Let it be white, pastel, striped or solid, this versatile piece never goes out of style. Maybe your mom made you buy it, or maybe it reminds you of dreaded interviews past… but the oxford is actually a great piece. It is conservative yet sexy. So pull out your old oxford or borrow one from your man because you are about to discover new ways to wear this classic piece!

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With Americana style making a comeback, could there be a better reason to pull out your old oxford? Pair your shirt with high-waisted shorts or skirt. Add cowboy boots or classic wedges for a  look that is sweet and “All- American.”

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Oxfords seem a bit too hot to wear in the summertime? Why not pair them with your bikini? Old oxfords can be great cover-ups. The simplicity of the cotton fabric contrasted with a wild bathing suit could be just what you need. Pair with a floppy hat and big sunglasses for a perfect summer look.

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Are your oxfords a bit bland? Why not pair them with a flashy skirt to wear out on the town? Who says oxfords have to be for the office? Add sexy heels or tights to create a going out that is classy yet edgy.

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So ladies…  it’s time to pull out those old oxfords! What do you have to lose? Enjoy your latest wardrobe update and just remember new ways to wear your clothes are always just around the corner!

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