lavish leather

A real leather jacket can cost an arm and leg, but with super fakes on the racks at nearly every mainstream store, there’s an option at every price. The sought-after luxury-look of a leather jacket is now a reality for the masses.

Jack by BB Dakota Empress Jacket, $50, Polyvinyl Chloride

A good faux-leather jacket keeps you warm, but looking sleek. A thrown-together look for class is instantly upgraded with a leather jacket.

Sparkle and Fade Faux Leather Hooded Bomber, $98, Polyurethane

The real dilemma is choosing which color to buy. Black is trendy, and conveys a “don’t mess” look. Dark brown is classic looking, and more down to earth. A lighter brown is bohemian and lighthearted. Then there’s grey, which is mysterious and playful.

I suggest buying a faux one under $200 and wearing it for a season or two before making the leap and splurging on a real one.

Another way to justify NOT spending hundreds of dollars on a leather jacket? Faux leather is animal-friendly.

And if you simply cannot choose which color, get all three. With such a range of prices and shapes, why not?

For now, a college girl can only dream about owning this beauty.

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