Black Friday: Who’s Ready?!

Black Friday is notorious for being chaotic. If you plan on participating in Black Friday, come prepared.

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Bring a large purse and stock it up: Throughout the day, you will likely end up needing water or snacks. Pack these in a large purse to avoid waiting in line in the food court or dealing with crowds in restaurants. Bringing a large purse will also give you a place to store your jacket. It will be like a furnace inside. But waiting in line outside in the freezing weather is miserable without a jacket.

Make a list… and check it twice: Before entering a store, know exactly what you’re looking for. If you have coupons or sale papers for the store, have those easily accessible. Trying to remember what all you were supposed to get at Target at 5 a.m. in a chaotic crowd of people is nearly impossible… trust me, I’ve tried and failed.

Mentally prepare yourself: I get really stressed out when stuck in a crowd of people, so Black Friday takes a little mental preparation. Allowing myself to freak out about the crowds puts a damper on my whole day. Tell yourself, “There are going to be crowds of people, it’s going to be utter chaos in some places, but I cannot control this and that’s OK.” I know this definitely helps me.

Have fun: Yeah, so maybe crowds of people and an early wake-up time aren’t preferable, but it’s an experience. By accepting all that comes with Black Friday shopping, you can relax and allow yourself to enjoy the day. It really is exciting to hunt for the perfect gift or an item featured in the sale papers while chugging a latte and enjoying Christmas music. Black Friday can really help you get excited for Christmas, and with sales THAT good, how can you not have fun?

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