Juliet Sharp: The Newest Member of the Gossip Girl Elite

Anyone who’s tuned into Gossip Girl this season will be familiar with Juliet Sharp, a refreshingly new character in the never-ending New York saga. Juliet, played by Katie Cassidy (of Melrose Place and the recent Nightmare on Elm Street), is a peer of the original characters, half of whom now attend Columbia University. Though they are all underclassmen, Sharp looks considerably older than the others, which makes us wonder if she’s come to Columbia for more than a world-class academic education.

The most intriguing aspect of Cassidy’s character, though, is her style. Sharp is markedly less affluent than her counterparts, and has been seen wearing clothes with tags attached (to return later) and sealing return packages to mail to Rent the Runway. She has worked for Eleanor Waldorf and her clothing line, and relies on a cousin to pay for her tuition.

Gossip Girl stylists have done a great job at mixing expensive and thrifty pieces to create Juliet’s wardrobe. She has worn Topshop clothing in multiple episodes, but has worn a healthy mix of designer pieces as well. Whether or not the clothes were supposed to actually be hers, Juliet has pulled off high-end outfits effortlessly.

Probably the most talked-about outfit Cassidy’s character has donned is a beige Yigal Azrouel dress paired with blue leopard Dolce and Gabbana pumps, and of course the signature $1500 Tiffany key necklace from Hamilton House. The bright heels add life to the outfit and keep it from looking too plain. (They also complement the outfit chosen for Chace Crawford in that particular scene.)

Another memorable outfit of Juliet’s is a Helmut Lang ombre-style dress paired with Christian Louboutin booties. Stylists cleverly gave Cassidy shoes that appear to be just a half-size too big, as if the character has borrowed them from a friend, or gotten the last available size at a sample sale. Juliet has also worn the booties in multiple episodes, and the repetition suggests she may not own many nice heels of her own. Another outfit with which she has paired the booties is a ruched gray dress paired with a navy D & G blazer.

While we’re wondering what plans Juliet has in store for our favorite Upper East Siders, what we really want to know is – what will Juliet wear next?

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