Comfy Cute

Just because it’s cold outside and noone’s going to see you locked in the living room sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate in hand doesn’t mean you can’t look cute in the comfort of your own home. Splendid, 291, So Low and Juicy are some of the many designers doing comfy and cozy just like it should be done.

Get the hottest hoodie looks. From oversized and slouchy to tailored and shapely, sweatshirts have never looked so good.

Worried about what to wear on the bottom? No need to fear, anything from so low fold over yoga pants or juicy classic velour pants to LNA slouch pants or Monrow vintage sweats will surely give you that carefree, no-nonsense look while still making a fashion statement- regardless of whether or not anyone’s there to see.

So go out and face the crowds to look for some comfy staples to add to your closet. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be looking fabulous lounging around your home.

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