With an overwhelming number of fashion trendsetters in the Big Apple, NYC serves as one of the best sources for inspiration when you’re stuck and can’t seem to find your “IT” outfit. Whether you’re dressing for a big night out or simply wanting to look cute to run some last minute errands, Refinery29’s NYC Street Style Snaps will provide you with a never ending supply of ideas for whatever occasion you may need. Yes, North Carolina is a little different than New York City, and while everyone may not want to dress exactly like NYC street hipsters, there are always notes to be taken from them. Visit to see what the big city’s street fashionistas are loving this winter!

If you have a bare wall, decorate your bedroom with a little fashion inspiration board. Fill that blank space up with a bulletin where you can constantly add images for those desperate times where you can’t think of what to wear and need a little help! Here are some cute street style snapshots to give you a couple new ideas.

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