Staying Healthy During Exams

As we near the end of another semester, its extremely important we all stay healthy to enjoy the Holiday Season that comes afterward. Final assignments, group projects, exams and the stress that comes with all of that on top of the freezing cold are all factors fighting against us this time of year. Here are three helpful reminders to make sure you’re keeping your body and mind as healthy as possible over the next two weeks.

  • Don’t make fun of the weather. We all know how cold it is, especially this last week and weekend, so going to class in running shorts or out to the bar in your tiniest dress with no coat isn’t accomplishing anything except a sore throat. Even though you may feel warm when you go out at night because of the alcohol, remember it’s just an illusion and your body is more susceptible to illness when it can’t maintain its normal temperature.
  • Minimize stress. While this may seem nearly impossible during exam time there are some things you can do to help your body and mind out. Try to get as much sleep as possible. This usually means not waiting until the last minute to do work. Don’t pull all-nighters on back-to-back nights. This wreaks havoc on your mind and your body. You won’t be able to think as clear and you sure won’t look as fresh.
  • Listen to your body. Our bodies have this amazing ability to tell us when something is wrong, i.e. your stomach growls when you’re hungry, your eyes get heavy when you’re sleepy, etc. Your body will tell you if it is getting sick, so be on the lookout for signs like sore throat, swollen glands and drowsiness. Be proactive by eating healthy and taking vitamins, too. Just because its exam time doesn’t mean you should stop your regimen of vitamins, healthy food and exercise. The more normal you keep your routine, the less likely you are to get sick.

Hope everyone stays happy and healthy, well at least healthy, for the duration of the semester. Enjoy your Holidays! Good luck!!

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