Gifts for Him..

..but really you! With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start searching for gifts for that special someone. Although getting a present for your boyfriend (or father, brother, etc)  may be tricky, have some fun during your multiple shopping excursions and pick something out that you can borrow for yourself from time to time.
1. Topman Grey Chunky Stitch Cardigan, $88
2. Urban Outfitters Double Cable Eternity Scarf, $28
3.  River Island School Satchel, $46
4.  American Apparel Jute & Leather Belt, $34
5. American Apparel Recycled Cotten-Acrylic Blend Snow Cap, $23
6.  J Crew Marled Socks, $16 (2 for $20)
7.  Polo Ralph Lauren Suede-Patch Hunting Shirt, $145
8. Topman Stone Double Cable Snood Scarf, $32

*Place any online orders ASAP if you need them by Christmas!

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