Style File: Marina Diamandis

If you’ve shopped at Urban Outfitters in the last few months, chances are high that you nodded your head to the beats of Marina and the Diamonds’ infectious tracks from her 2010 album, The Family Jewels. But did you know that the young lady behind the music, Marina Diamandis, has impeccable taste in fashion as well? and Nylon Magazine were quick to notice Diamandis’ fun, quirky style – after seeing some of the outfits she’s put together, you’ll want to emulate her too.

In her noteworthy music videos, Diamandis has worn attention-grabbing neon outfits and colored body paints. If she keeps pulling out great everyday outfits, though, her personal style will become more memorable than her inventive video attire! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Marina outfits and looks – which ones do you like best?

One of her most well-known outfits is this classic black Hannah Marshall dress. The hat and necklaces add fun to the dress’s gothic style in a way only Marina could successfull pull off. Photo:

With Ray-Ban wayfarers and a Vivienne Westwood bag in one hand, the other effortlessly placed on her hip, Marina could easily be a model of this hippo dress. On most people it would look ridiculous, but the black heels and yellow nail polish keep Marina from looking too childish. And honestly – don’t you wish you could wear a hippo dress too?

Here, Marina looks elegant in a white TBA dress, accessorized with a black ribbon and bright Office shoes. Photo:

Would you wear outfits as daring as Marina’s, or do you prefer to play it safe, and leave high-risk fashion to celebrities? Tell us what you think!

Want to see more of Marina’s style picks? Read her entries here!

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