Welcome to the World

If you’re looking into summer internships in foreign cities, going over study abroad options, planning an exotic spring break, or just wishing you were somewhere else, we have the perfect accessories. Whether or not you’re actually planning a trip, the essentials we’ve rounded up will make you feel like a world-class traveler.

The first place we looked was www.fredflare.com, a great go-to site for quirky accessories. Some of our favorites included the airmail pouch, which looks like an international package but is actually a clutch. Bonus: it’s made from recycled material!

Another fredflare.com favorite was the winged migration necklace, which makes us think of travel no matter where we’re headed (or not headed). As if the plane weren’t cute enough, there’s also a sparrow on the side of the chain.

At Urban Outfitters, we found this Eiffel Tower Jewelry Stand, which is functional AND cute! Use it in your room and imagine the high fashion of Paris, without ever leaving the U.S. Also at Urban, we found this vintage travel necklace, which is on sale for $7.99! (PS: They’ve got a ton of cool, European t-shirts on clearance, too!)

After sifting through the accessories pages at www.topshop.com, we came across these adorable (and funky!) camera stud earrings. Take in the view without looking like a tourist! (See also: camera ring.)

If you really want to splurge on travel-inspired accessories, we’ve found your solution in the Rare Prints collection of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They’re made in Italy, so the foreign nature of the sunglasses is authentic. Check out this metro-inspired pair!

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