Chic and Unique Nail Polish Strips

Never worry about chipped nails again with Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips! This great innovation allows you to do your nails hassle free.  Sally Hanson’s new nail polish strips eliminates the long, messy process of liquid nail polish.  Sally Hanson Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips makes doing nails super easy, including a long stick to help apply the strips and a nail file in each set. And never have I before seen such a variety of chic and unique patterns and colors.  You are guaranteed to find at least one, if not multiple, sets that are perfect for you.

Each packet gives you more than enough – 16 sheets  (when only 1 sheet per nail is needed) .  Peel off the protective coat, peel off the back, snap off the paper tip, and place onto your nail!  Not only are they simple to apply, but conveniently available for purchase at your local drugstore.  Don’t pay nail salon prices when you can get the same results for less!


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1 thought on “Chic and Unique Nail Polish Strips

  1. I actually used the multi-colored sparkly one and it was great! I received numerous compliments on it and it actually lasted a long time (about 10 days without any chips). I highly recommend this new polish!

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