Lessons in Man Repelling

Photo courtesy of The Man Repeller

It is an uncomfortable fact of fashion, oft-ignored by Chloe and Chanel-clad fashionistas everywhere, that men are regularly puzzled, if not downright repulsed, by our sartorial selections. Gush as we may over each others’ harem pants and Art Deco jewelry, the y-chromosome-bearing segment of the population remains unimpressed with trends that are not mini or body-conscious. And while most of the fashion set pretends not to notice the chilly response most men have to Carrie Bradshaw’s brand of chic, blogger Leandra Medine has gleefully embraces her for-the-girls style. Medine, a New York-based fashion junkie with a penchant for Maison Martin Margiela, proudly proclaims herself (via blog title) the Man Repeller, a label she swears is a good thing. After all, a date lasts a few hours; vintage Dior is forever. The blog, which features photos of Medine in various ‘repelling’ (read: fabulous) outfits, also provides hilarious tongue-in-chic commentary on both men and fashion. Alexander Wang is “birth control”; Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture collection “would make…Rupaul obscenely proud”. The Man Repeller has quickly become my newest obsession, both for Medine’s sarcasm and for her truly fierce fashion. Check out the site and follow Medine’s directive to start repelling!

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