Winter Issue Extra! Local Designer Spotlight: River Takada-Capel

In our winter issue, you read about the designer collaborations (Erin Fetherston + Juicy Couture and Lanvin + H&M), but an extra page we created and wanted to share was a Local Designer Spotlight on River Takada-Capel, owner of Riverbasin Outfitters, located in Carrboro.

Download the PDF.

Story by Trey Green, designed by Kelsey Isenberg

If you’re looking for fashion that’s conducive to the environment, affordable and makes a unique statement, Riverbasin Outfitters is just that featuring “remade second hand clothing and accessories… lifestyling.” refers to ecologically and economically friendly (her mom’s idea for the catchy branding!).

Takada-Capel discovers the materials from thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets and uses her knowledge of dying, screen printing and sewing to put together one-of-a-kind, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. You can find a few of her items in Riverbasin Outfitter’s Etsy shop.

Completely intrigued? Read more about Takada-Capel‘s history as a designer, the process of designing the clothes, and be sure to check her blog for posts of neat finds and fashion inspirations!

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