A Jeanius Idea

You’ve seen feature articles about denim in magazines – it’s not just pants and skirts anymore! Jackets, belts, shoes, and even dresses are made in all styles and washes by some of the most prominent designers and brands. Distressed denim has made a comeback since the 90’s, and even denim button-down shirts are suddenly cool. You may even have heard about the “Denim and Rose” collection at Bobbi Brown, which released a glittery eyeshadow shade called Denim Sparkle last summer.

M.A.C. Jeanius Eye Shadow in Motorhead, $19.50, maccosmetics.com

But with its new color palette, M.A.C. takes the denim trend one step further. Today, the iconic beauty brand launched the “Jeanius” collection, which includes denim-inspired beauty products of every variety.

Like Bobbi Brown, M.A.C. has included eyeshadow in the collection as well. But these aren’t your ordinary shadow boxes – the powders are pressed into a stitched-looking pattern to resemble jean pockets! The shadows even have a metallic rivet attached for the authentic jean look. The pigments are available in two shades (washes?) of blue, and are also available in white and black.

M.A.C. Nail Laquer in Biker Blue, $14, maccosmetics.com

In addition to the eyeshadow colors, though, M.A.C. takes denim beauty a step further – the collection also offers nail polish, eyeliner, and even lip color! While the lipstick and lipglass come in more traditional colors (shades of pink and red), clever names like “Acid Washed” and “Riveting Rose” promise an out-of-the ordinary look. The two shades of nail color, “Frayed to Order” and “Biker Blue” are versatile and will go with any outfit, whether or not it consists of denim.

The best part of the collection? None of the products are more than $20, so you don’t have to feel guilty about testing out one (or two, or three…) of the inspired new shades!

2 thoughts on “A Jeanius Idea

  1. What a coincidence! I chose this eye shadow as one of our (spoiler alert!) beauty items for the summer issue’s “That’s Hot” page. We are so in sync! Great post!

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