Designed By…

Fact: We love Urban Outfitters.

Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan Striped Tieback Dress, $59,

Fact: We love famous designers.

Fact: We can now experience both of these loves at once.

Sure, we love the variety of collections and brands that Urban Outfitters offers its customers. But how awesome would it be if, say, Alexa Chung designed her own collection for the retailer? While we’re still working on that connection, Urban now offers us something almost as good: the new Designed By collection. The collection includes pieces by well-known designers, like Kova & T, Steven Alan, and Ulla Johnson, as well as designers you might not have heard of yet, like Sunshine & Shadow and Chris Habana.

Urban has managed to pull together a whopping 23 designers, and will be selling pieces by each of them. Besides the products, the Designed By site offers biographies of each of the designers, so you can see where they’ve come from and the styles they offer. The collection offers clothes and accessories (naturally), but also includes the quirky housewares and decor items Urban has come to be known for, like a clock and a towel. (Three Potato Four is even offering a milk bottle!)

While some of the products are a little pricey, most of them are under $100, making Designed By a collection worthy of exploration. Whether you’re buying a piece by an old favorite or discovering new talent, Designed By is definitely worth a look! You might find your new favorite designer, or at least your new favorite dress.

Want more information about the collection? Check out the Designed By video here:

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