A Mile in Their Shoes

We’re all familiar with Gilt Groupe‘s amazing deals, but sometimes we’re still left wanting the exact items our favorite fashion icons wear. Gilt Groupe did boast Lily Allen’s amazing Marc Jacobs Nylon magazine cover dress, but that was a rarity. Often, discount fashion sites and sales are collections of products that weren’t able to sell at the full retail price.

Chanel Black and Gold Camellia Clutch, $1100, http://www.decadestwo1.com

Designers and retailers want to get rid of them, so they lower the cost and have third parties do the selling.

But at DecadesTwo1.com, this isn’t the case. Rather than offering reduced prices on new merchandise, the site takes a new approach: it’s a consignment shop. DecadesTwo1 offers clothing and accessories that celebrities and fashion figures (Charlize Theron and Rachel Zoe, for example) have already owned, but no longer wear. It takes the guesswork out of fashion decisions – you already know that a style authority has deemed the item worthy of purchasing and wearing!

DecadesTwo1 offers a great selection of dresses and gowns, tops, jackets and coats, and purses. And they have products from TONS of designers. To name a few, but by no means a comprehensive list: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and yes – Chanel. Though some of the items are still highly priced at over $1000 (they are the world’s best designers, after all!), many items are a steal at under $200. The clothes are offered at discounts up to eighty percent off, so you’re bound to find some steals if you search enough!

The best part? PopSugar is currently offering a discount to the site – fifty-two percent off when you spend $125 or more! So go ahead and treat yourself to some amazing designer pieces!

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