Pajama Party

Do you wake up some days and wish you could just go to class in your pajamas? Well now you can! The newest spring 2011 fashion trend is pajama inspired dressing consisting of comfy fabrics like silk and chiffon. The best part about this new trend is that you can look sleek and pulled-together while actually being comfortable. The pajama-inspired trend has been seen on Michael Kors, Vena Cava, and Alexander Wang’s spring runway shows. Silk’s glossy texture and chiffon’s sheerness is what makes these fabrics look elegant and chic. These flowing fabrics are a great alternative to jeans and sweatpants because they are just as comfortable but look more stylish. They are also very versatile and have a relaxed feel while still looking dressy. Pajama inspired dressing can be worn anytime of the day. You can pair a chiffon top with sandals and some shorts to go to class in the morning or if you’re going out for a night on the town, you can wear a silk dress with heels and a blazer. Either way you’re bound to look sophisticated in this fashionable new trend!!

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