Summer Skin Savers

We’ve all heard about swapping heavier mosturizers for lighter ones and wearing sunscreen at the beach, but what else do we need to know to adjust our beauty routines to the heat? No one wants to look greasy or smudge their eyeliner with sweat (we all do it!), so we’ve compiled some summer beauty tips to keep you looking fresh!

Is your skin ready for summer? Image courtesy of

  • Less is more. Summer isn’t the tip for standout red lips or heavy smoky eyes. By piling on too much makeup, you’ll make your skin more likely to become oily. Stick with minimal foundation, light blush or bronzer, soft shadow and liner, and mascara. If you can, use eyeliner and mascara only on your top lid, because the bottom lashes and under-eye area are more prone to sweat and smearing. For lips, opt for a peach, nude, or light pink shade.
  • Powder is your friend. We’re all fans of Clean and Clear’s oil-absorbing sheets, but using them too often can strip away your skin’s natural moisture, causing you to become more oily! While it can be tempting to re-apply foundation throughout the day to make up for what you’re blotting away, a loose powder will help trap your skin’s natural oils in, which will prevent you from unnecessary grease. If you’re not covering up blemishes or evening your skin tone, try using more powder and less foundation for a healthy, sun-friendly look.

  • Exfoliate. There’s no sense in applying clean moisturizer if your face is harvesting germs and dead skin. While most of us can’t afford the Clarisonic products that everyone’s buzzing about, there are tons of affordable options for keeping your skin healthy. We love the Neutrogena Wave (it’s easy and fun, and comes in acne, regular, and sensitive-skin options!) for your face and L’Oreal Go 360 Clean scrub for your body. Always follow up with light moisturizer (try Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizing gel for light coverage) so your skin doesn’t dry out.
  • Stay hydrated! There’s no faster way to ensure a dull complexion than by not getting enough water, and getting in your 6-8 glasses is even more important in warm weather, because your body is depleting its natural vitamins faster. It’s fine to consume caffeinated beverages, such as tea, because you’re still getting liquid, but try to drink one serving (8 fl. oz) of water for every caffeinated beverage you drink. And go easy on sugary drinks, like soda, smoothies, and Vitamin Water – sweets cause your face to produce more oil.
  • Keep it clean. Even if you’re washing your face morning and night and wearing sunscreen daily, your face is still susceptible to bacteria. Wipe off your cell phone with a disinfecting wipe at least once a week, change your pillowcases weekly, and wash your makeup brushes with a mild shampoo every 2 weeks. And if you’re using old makeup, you might be doing yourself more harm than good, so do yourself a favor and splurge on that new mascara and liner. (Not sure if your stuff is still good? Check out this Allure article for tips!)

Photo credit: “3 Skincare Products I’m Into Right Now,” Petra Guglielmetti, Glamour.

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