Everybody’s Gone Surfing

Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Moon, $15.50, maccosmetics.com. Image: M.A.C. Cosmetics.

Still searching for that perfect summer beauty look? We have the solution in one of our favorite new lines: M.A.C.’s new “Surf, Baby!” collection. The palettes range from neutral looks to bright pigments, so there’s something for girls of every makeup style. Surf, Baby! offers a variety of products, including neutral and metallic loose pigment powders, five shades of compact eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara (waterproof, of course!), lipstick and lipglass, cheek powder (a summer staple!), and, of course, nail color. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the colors are nautically inspired – think browns, tans, turquoise, and corals.

If you’re on a budget, the eye and lip products are a great bet. The mascara, which works for both length and volume, promises to work its magic on even the lashes of your eye’s inner corner, and it’s only $14 – the price you’d pay for two Cover Girl LashBlast mascaras at the drugstore. And each eyeshadow is just $15.50 – less than you’d pay for an Urban Decay product, and about what you’d pay for 3-4 drugstore shadows. Our favorite shadow shade is the bright “Surf USA,” but the neutrals (which have clever titles like “Short Shorts” and “Swell Blonde”) will work well with most skin tones. The collection’s biggest steal, though, is the Powerpoint Eye Pencil, which, at $15.50, is more affordable than Urban Decay’s classic 24/7 eye pencils, and promises to stay put through even a day at the beach. The downside? The liner is only offered in two shades, “Gilded White” and “Blue Noon,” and the white is already sold out!

Got a little more cash to spend? The line offers two sets of four limited-edition loose pigment shades – one in the peach-pink color scheme and one in the bronze-gray. At $32.50, they’re a splurge, but if you want high-quality beauty products that will last through the summer, this line is definitely the way to go.

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