Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2013

The English fashion mastermind Christopher Bailey took his Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection of Burberry Prorsum to the runways of Milan.  The new menswear collection displays a variety of unexpected combinations: a blend of the traditional and the unconventional, a stunning juxtaposition of muted tones and metallic colors, and coupling of formal styling and casual dress.  Burberry Prorsum steered the collection in a direction that strayed away from the typical thoughts that are associated with spring and summer.  Instead of cliché floral prints that are predictable in spring collections, completely original prints gave life to several pieces in the collection without going over the top.  Take a look at these patterns.

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Paying tribute to its rainy and overcast homeland of England, Burberry Prorsum incorporated overcoats, jackets, and raincoats into this menswear collection.  While traditional neutral tones and shades of blues give color to some of the outerwear, the jackets and coats that are bound to turn heads are the ones that radiate with metallic tints.  In the three styles shown below, almost entirely muted outfits are infused with a single metallic piece.  This delicate styling displays not only the vast color palette of the collection, but also the range of materials used in the making of the pieces.  Burberry Prorsum has moved away from the pastels and solid colors that plague typical spring/summer fashions and chose dazzling colors to electrify the onlookers.

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

The formality of the garments in the collection varies greatly – ranging from cotton two-button suit jackets to men’s leather sandals.  The models, shown below, were styled in a manner than combined the formal and the casual.  Burberry Prorsum succeeded in designing a menswear collection that balances work and play.

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com


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