Hermès Menswear Spring 2013

We’ve all heard it before “mother knows best”.  Well, we should start calling Veronique Nichanian, the French menswear designer of Hermès, “mom” because her spring 2013 men’s collection is perfection.  A woman designing men’s garments?  Don’t be skeptical – fashion knows no gender, and Nichanian really delivered.  She truly had man in mind when she was creating her new menswear collection because it focuses on what men want in their clothing: simplicity.

When it comes to the most basic item of clothing, the tee shirt is the obvious winner.  Nichanian incorporates tee shirts into the new Hermès menswear collection.  In an interview about her new collection with Agence France-Presse, she said, “[translated] A tee shirt for me is a piece I really love because it is a signature item of the 21st century.”  She couldn’t be more correct.  The tee shirt is iconic.  These aren’t just any average cotton tees, these Hermès tee shirts are crafted from lamb suede and crocodile.

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Overall, the color palette for this collection can be described as a marriage of navy and neutral tones.  Pouring rainbows of color onto garments for the sake of adding color is absolutely unnecessary.  Nichanian proves this by only adding three colors to the collection’s muted palette: red, blue, and yellow.  The primary color trio injects fun into the collection without being overwhelming.

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Nichanian revives the white suit for her spring collection.  The white suit is not meant for the office; it’s a symbol of easygoingness.  Higher breaks in the sleeve and cuff and higher armholes characterize her white suits.  Her suits give off an air of sophistication, yet at the same time easiness.  The entire Hermès Spring 2013 menswear collection embodies simplicity and freedom of being a man.

Image Courtesy of nymag.com

Image Courtesy of nymag.com


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