Bumble and bumble.: A Beginner’s Guide

In a 1984 interview, Morrissey was quoted as saying, “It’s a totally brief issue, but I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong.”

The man knows what he’s talking about- your hair is one of you most important accessories, if it’s wrong then quite frankly everything else probably is too.

The greatest roadblock to achieving great hair is refusal to invest in and properly use hair product. If you think you can’t go out without make up, think of product in the same way for your hair! What you put on before and after styling can determine your fate, don’t skip this all too important step.

Choosing what to use can be tough and is based on your unique hair type; however, one of the best brands to utilize is Bumble and bumble. After working in a salon for several months I have been converted to the church of Bb. and can’t imagine my hair without it. Over those past few months, I’ve found a few favorite products, purchased time and time again by both clients and myself. Here’s my list for the best Bumble to get your best hair.


Does It All Styling Spray

This spray literally does it ALL. Let me make it clear this is not a hair spray- it’s really just a finishing spray, no need to worry about any crunchy pieces or helmet hair. Plus, like the Bumble site says, it is “literally impossible to use too much.” Spray Does It All before using hot tools like a curling or straightening iron on your hair for better hold and a clean finish. Mist the hair just before use and you’ll see long lasting hold that you can still run your hands through. Finish off any style, whether it’s curled or just normal blow-dry, to smooth fly aways, hold shape, and give your hair a pretty, shiny finish. Another plus- this stuff smells great! And try Spray De Mode for a stronger hold for tougher styles.


Invisible Oil

Since I was little I’ve had a thick head of hair, but after nearly a decade of coloring it (note: I am 19) my hair has become fine and porous. It’s thick, but any kind of oil or shine serum turns my hair greasy and limp. Then, Invisible Oil happened and my hair has never been better. The oil, only released this summer, is always sold out at the salon because whether you put in a drop before you dry or after for a smooth finish, I personally do both steps, you see amazing results. While there are instant results, with smoother, shinier locks, the oil provides long-term repair to damaged hair and improved hair health. This product makes your hair look and feel great- what more could you ask for!


Grooming Creme

Grooming Cream is a universally loved product, great for all hair types and both men and women. A staple product at all Bb. stylist stations, work grooming cream into damp hair before blowing dry or air drying. This “styling moisturizer” gives users a lived in texture, hold, separation and a smooth, low gloss shine that makes clean, styled hair easy. This product is ideal for someone who wants good hair but doesn’t want to put too much time into it- it combines the benefits of many products in one, simple step.


Surf Spray

Every girl loves some good, beachy waves- they’re the best way to look effortlessly beautiful. We’ve all seen that girl on campus with perfect loose waves, looking like she just woke up that way. What I can tell you is that she probably used Bumble’s Surf Spray and that those waves can be all yours. Spray a good amount all over on damp hair and let it air dry or attach a diffuser to your blow dryer. The result, according to Bumble, is “Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles – whenever, wherever.” Surf Spray received a 2012 Details Magazine Best of Grooming Award and with good reason! Spray this stuff on and keep summer around a little longer.


Styling Creme

“Is it a gel? A mousse? No- but it works like both,” reads the Bumble description for Styling Crème. This product is a great base for any style, whether you want a big blowout or defined curls, this is the product for you. Work this product throughout damp hair, I limit it to my roots to give them more hold and volume, and blow it dry- it works like a mousse, heat helps! This product gives volume and greater control to your hair and your style, making it easier to create and keep the look you want. This product works on any and all hair types, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used for any style you can imagine. The most you use, the more it does- so don’t hold back!

What you put into your hair is what you get out of it, so don’t skip out on products! No longer will you have bad hair days, forced to pull it up or put a hat on. You can control your hair if you lay down strong foundations and Bumble and bumble. is here to help. Check out their website, which features instructions and video tutorials for use of all of their products, as well as styling tips! If Bumble’s not your thing that works too, find the product that you love and that loves your hair back. You’ll see that that extra money and minute or two in the morning will be well worth it!

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