One Dollar Slice

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Name: Mary Feddeman
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Concentration: Journalism major, Creative Writing and Urban Studies & Planning double minor

JK: What’s the inspiration behind your outfit today?
MF: I think I was just looking for something comfortable and kind of interesting, and definitely something autumn-ish.  In the winter, I wear tights pretty often, and I love loose, soft sweaters. The combat boots are my favorite shoes.  I feel powerful when I wear them, and the heels make a ton of noise when I walk, so they’re perfect for walking around on the eighth floor of Davis or on bricks in the Pit.  I like the disruption.

So I guess my inspiration was my own passive-aggressive personality.

JK: How would you describe your personal style?
My style is probably most influenced by where I am, so I’d cite Chapel Hill as the main inspiration for what I wear daily because I’ve been here so long, which means it’s pretty earthy and relaxed.  Lots of jeans.

New York has also had a strong influence on my style.  I stayed in the city for a few months this past summer, and I was definitely influenced by some of the styles I saw on subways, where I worked, and in parks.  While I lived there, I wound up dying the tips of my hair bright red and getting a tattoo one day: two things I probably wouldn’t have done before.  So yeah, I think the city hardened me and my style a little.

Lately, I’ve been mixing hard and soft elements a lot – a little bit of urban and a little bit of small town.

JK: What are your favorite trends?
Growing up in Chapel Hill, I’ve been raised to love Birkenstocks, though I don’t think that’s so much of a trend anywhere else.  I really like hats, though I don’t really wear many.  And brown leather jackets, though I don’t (yet) own one.  I like florals, especially floral scarves.  And I love intricate earrings.  I also really appreciate it when someone loves a piece so much they wear it to death.  I like when you can tell it’s been worn.

I think honestly my favorite trend right now is that anything seems to fly – I like that people are borrowing so much from the styles of other decades, while at the same time coming up with original pieces and ways to wear them.

And I especially like that older styles are considered semi-fashionable because I’m extremely cheap, so I can buy old things at the thrift store and still feel like a college student when I wear them.


My suede brogues shuffled along the sidewalks of north campus, obscured by the fallen autumn leaves.  By the light of the setting sun, my eyes scanned the grounds for a fashionista.  Then Mary caught my eye, a small town girl with big city dreams.  Mary’s outfit was the apple of my eye…well, I should say the “Big Apple” of my eye. It combined the hard element of the city with small town class.  She began with a light grey cord sweater from Old Navy.  Cord sweater are staple in preppy fashion.  What set Mary’s apart from a normal cord sweater was that it revealed a bit more than one would imagine.  She paired it with a dark grey skirt from PTA Thrift Shop.  A pair of white textured socks that she got from her mom hugged her feet, and Mary finished with a pair of black boots that she bought from Macy’s.  Combat boots, a year-round favorite, gave her a tough appearance.

Subtleties offset her neutral-toned outfit.  These small details mimicked the foliage in color.  Mary’s burnt orange tights from Target, her orange feather earring from Top Shop, and red lipstick really gave her outfit a fiery quality.  She continued to accessorize with a bronze triangle stud and golden bracelet from Top Shop.  Bronze and gold jewelry is perfect for the summer and autumn seasons.  Mary completed her outfit with tortoise shell browline sunglasses, which she haggled for in Chinatown.  Without a doubt, Mary showed us how to bring the big city to a small town.

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