Winter Weather Apparel

It’s definitely almost winter time, and it’s starting to get cold!  Many times, we just throw on the warmest coat we can find, and we neglect fashion in the process.  But with this year’s winter weather trends, it will be easy to stay on-trend without freezing to death!

Here are a few of this year’s hottest trends in outerwear.

Trend #1: The Camel Coat

Trend #2: Cape

With these trends, your coat can become a part of your outfit, not just something you throw on to keep warm!  They’re not only fashionable, but they’re classic.  You can wear them year-to-year and always be on trend!

Holiday Gifts Under $150

As a brand name shopper, I know it can be extremely hard to stick to a budget.  But this year, shopbop has a great list of must-haves for less than $150!  Items range from accessories, like watches and clutches, to warm, wintery cardigans and sweaters.  It’s the perfect guide to get you started on making a Christmas list your parents (and Santa) will be happy about!

And for those not on a tight budget, shopbop has an amazing holiday gift guide!  Christian Dior’s “Little Diary of Fashion” is a definite must-have, with designer ideas to give every girl her essential style rules.  It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your girlfriends, this is it!

So if you’re looking for stylish gifts this holiday season, you have to check these lists out!  They’ve got the right gift for you and all your stylish friends.  And since we’re only a month away from Christmas, you better get to shopping!

If you don’t have time to find sales…

ShopItToMeWhile sale shopping sounds easy, it can actually be quite difficult.  It’s hard to keep track of all the upcoming sales, and if you finally decide to splurge on that gorgeous handbag, it’s guaranteed to go on sale the next week.  The guesswork that comes with sale shopping can be frustrating.  I’ve discovered a website that can get rid of your frustration and make sale shopping your new favorite hobby!  If you don’t have time to search for sales at all your go-to stores, Shop It To Me will do all the work for you.  All you have to do is go to, create a profile by choosing your favorite brands, and you’ll be sent frequent e-mails about all the upcoming sale events. Now how easy is that?  Check it out, and you’re sure to become a pro at sale shopping…just like me!

High Fashion for Less

I love online shopping.  There’s just something amazing about being able to buy twice as much stuff as you can in a store in less than half the time.  Every purchase is just a simple click away.  I truly believe the invention of online shopping is what turned me into the  shopaholic I am today(well, that and the fact that a Saks was built only 5 minutes from my house).

One thing I think is really important to do in order to find the best sales is to bookmark your favorite designers’ websites and check their sites every day for, not only sales, but also new arrivals.  That way if you find something you really like, you can keep an eye on it so you can scoop it up the minute it gets put on the sale page.  To prove that I actually do this (and, yes, I promise, I really do visit these sites practically daily), I thought I’d show you one of my favorite places to look at high fashion for less.

Image Source:

I absolutely love this website!  They sell pieces by high fashion designers, from Alexander Wang to Zac Posen, at as much as 90% off!  And while a $7,465 Oscar de la Renta dress discounted 70% is still over $2,000, comparatively speaking, it’s a truly priceless deal.  They also have more affordable pieces, starting at under $20!

And the best part of the website is that they still have sales and giveaways! (I know, can you imagine winning a FREE pair of Christian Louboutins?!?)  They have what are called “flash sales,” which consist of going, going, gone sales, pop up sales, and giveaways.  You just have to sign up on the website to get e-mail updates, and you’ll be notified about upcoming sales and new arrivals.  Do it because you could actually win a free handbag or pair of gorgeous heels!

I’ll leave you this week to check out this awesome website, and hopefully you’re one step closer to becoming a true bargain-hunting shopaholic, just like me!

Why Do Discount?

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I must admit, I am definitely a label shopper.  Now I know you hear all the time that labels don’t matter, and you shouldn’t buy something just because it’s designer, but I have to disagree.  I feel that designer pieces cost so much for a reason.  They’re made from high-quality fabrics, which means the pieces will last forever.  And from a more artistic standpoint, I really do see clothing as wearable art.  Starting with just a rough sketch, designers have to go through so many steps before their visions can actually become reality, from choosing the right fabric to modifying the hemline and deciding to go with a v-neck instead of a scoop-neck.  So much thought, creativity and effort go into each and every piece of clothing we wear, and it’s sort of mind-boggling to think about.  This may be why I’m a clothing addict, but I really do think about these things every time I buy something.

My true designer obsessions are coats and purses because they are so timeless.  They’re worth the money because they’ll last forever, and they’ll always be in style.  Often I find myself questioning why I bought a cheap top (“do I really need this?”), but I NEVER question my coat or purse purchases because I know I’m definitely going to get my money’s worth.  And even though I am addicted to designer labels, I rarely buy anything at retail price.  I patiently wait for sales at my favorite boutiques, and I have mastered the art of online shopping.  I’ve found some amazing websites that sell discounted designer clothing, and I’ve even bookmarked the websites of my favorite designers to keep a lookout for upcoming sales.

In each of my posts, I hope to show you a new way to find designers on a discount so you can be as excited and satisfied with your designer purchases as I am.  To me, there is nothing better than getting a compliment on something I’m wearing and be able to say that I got it for half-price (or less!).  You get the best of both worlds because you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity.  It’s like having your cake and eating it, too!  And, what could be better than that? (especially if  it’s a delicious piece of chocolate cake covered with a rich dark chocolate ganache (YUM!)!…Oh sorry, just another one of my addictions!)

To start your transition to becoming a discount-shopper, check out your favorite designers’ websites and look at their sale pages.  Bookmark their sites, and get in the habit of regularly checking for sales.  This may have been how I turned into a designer clothing addict, but regardless, it really can save you a TON of money!  Good luck and get to shopping!