Friday Fashion Shorts

Friday Fashion Shorts

To keep you in the loop of who’s who, who’s doing what and who’s selling out in the fashion world, please visit our blog every friday for FRIDAY FASHION SHORTS.

*= Please note that if you have your eye on a few pieces, it is your best bet to get online at 8 am and order away! Last Sunday, the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes went online at about 8 am and by noon they were sold out. Also, there’s no saying that your local Target store will get the pieces you crave, not to mention – they may no longer have it in stock by the time the crazies mill through the racks! Happy and safe shopping out there in the fashion world!

Flash Your (Bra) Color on Facebook

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A few nights ago, I flashed the entire internet world. Now, now. Before you assume that I leaked a peek-a-boo picture a la Vanessa Hudgens – don’t be so foolish! I revealed the color of my bra to the entire internet world. But again, before you assume I did so as a routine game with my boyfriend, think again. It was in the name of a good cause.

It started with a girl friend’s status as “Turquoise,” followed soon after with “pink” and a few beiges and blacks. Over the hours, the statuses kept pouring in and my curiousity and confusion only grew larger until a friend of a friend asked WHY girls were posting colors as their statuses. Was there a game TV show on that I was missing? Even males participated with writing “nothing.”

The point of the meme activity? To raise awareness of breast cancer. Though I’m sure it did more than just that. It started with a mass Facebook message that was sent to women, asking them to virtually flash the world to support medical research. The end of the e-mail message even read, “It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men will wonder why all the girls have a color on their status!”

I did it to have fun and go along with the cause, like every other girl out there. But perhaps instead of e-flashing the internet, a few dollars can be spent on Pink products or a few minutes can be spent AWAY from Facebook and on medical research websites to educate ourselves about risks of breast cancer. Go Pink! Or Beige, or Black.

Angels Descend to your TV Dec. 1

What I like to describe as the Super Bowl of models is quickly descending upon us. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air Dec. 1 at 10 p.m.  EST on CBS; yesterday, however, marked the taping of the show. A lot of surprises are in store for this year’s show, including the first male model to be featured (kinda… you’ll see what I mean on Dec. 1!) and the absence of Karolina Kurkova and Adriana Lima, both of whom just recently gave birth. The Black Eyed Peas are the guest performers,  with Angel Heidi Klum fulfilling the role of host only weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Lou.

The show is broken down into five segments: Star Trooper, All Aboard – featuring Marisa Miller wearing this year’s more recession-friendly Fantasy Bra, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, and Romantic Journey. The looks include celluloid film Angel wings, Lady Gaga-esque/futuristic ensembles, balloon-crafted wings and lots of faux-fur and feathers. Make sure to tune in to the show to view the outfits in motion!

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Live Your Fairytale with New Disney Princess Designer Gowns, Rings

Why leave behind notions of a Disney happily-ever-after as an adult when you can continue to dream as a Disney princess? It may be a small world after all, but every little girl can now continue growing up as a princess!

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Kirstie Kelly, a renowned couture designer, teamed up with Disney Consumer Product to launch a line of princess-inspired wedding rings and gowns. The Tiana gown, named for the latest African-American addition to the Disney princesses, will be the signature piece among the collection that includes the Snow White Diamond Edition gown, “Maidens” for bridesmaids, “Blossoms” for flower girls.

The jewelry collection, Kirstie Kelly for Disney by Mouawad, includes a showcase of diamond and platinum engagement rings and weddings bands. The collection evokes the spirit of each princess without being unnecessarily tacky (a red diamond or ruby for Snow White would be a little much!). Rather than highlight the princess through the ring with obvious and tacky details, subtle references of each princess can be seen throughout. For Cinderella’s ring, it evokes grace and charm with its pave and millgrain borders. For Ariel’s ring, there is more of a boldness and artsiness.

Are the rings and dresses cute or tacky? Let us know!

JC Penney Takes Two with Mary-Kate and Ashley

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They’ve inspired a following of fans with their straight-to-VHS movies, produced a K-Mart line to allow their fans to dress in their name, designed their lines Elizabeth and James and The Row, and now, although they’re not the young little babies that they were on Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley are at it again, still sticking together.

The lower-priced junior brand, called Olsenboye, will be sold at starting November 6th for a limited time before the official launch in February 2010. The line is described as “a casual sportswear and accesories collection that includes denim, bottoms, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, jackets, handbags and shoes.” Olsenboye pieces will retail between $20 and $50.