The Sweats Question

I have always been a firm believer that sweats belong in the gym.  I cringe every time I see a pair of sweatpants – baggy, fitted, cropped, bootcut – at the grocery store, the airport, the dentist, and let’s not forget the ubiquity of sweatpants on a college campus.  Bright colors, logos splayed across the rear, even our beloved school name emblazoned down the side of the leg, only make matters worse.  But this year, many designers are bringing back the grey sweatpants from fashion suicide to its forefront.

S10 RTW Alexander Wang

Image from

JC - Stella McCartney for Gap

Image from

JC - Garance Doré sweats

Image from Garance Doré

Alexander Wang showed a decidedly athletic collection for Spring 2010, pairing sweatshirts with corsets and briefs. Stella McCartney’s collection for Gap Kids launched this morning and featured this silk cashmere hoodie (for $88!), but styled over a tutu and snow boots. Garance Doré photographed a woman wearing Isabel Marant sweatpants with a basic white tank and navy blazer. Perhaps the secret to wearing sweats is in the details: sexy, girly, or chic pairings keep these girls from looking sloppy. What do you think??

The Economy: it could be worse

You poor unsuspecting Harvard student, you have no idea what you're about to be missing.  Image from

You poor unsuspecting Harvard student, you have no idea what you're about to be missing. Image from

According to The New York Times, due to the state of the economy, Harvard’s endowment is down from $36.9 billion last June, to $26 billion this year.  The almost 30% decrease has forced the university to cut back on a few things, the most pressing (apparently) of which is the free bacon and egg breakfasts.

There are a few things that we can learn from this tragic situation:

First, we should all be appreciative that we never had free hot breakfasts, because we have now avoided the devastating sense of loss that those Harvard students are feeling right this second.  Whew, we sure dodged a bullet there!

Also, we should thank our lucky stars, God, or our parents for sending us to a public school with limited resources that force us to interact with each other.  As Khoa Tran, president of Harvard Taekwondo, told The Harvard Crimson about having to share practice space with the dance team, “It will be an interesting mix because they will be playing dance music while we do our routines,” he told the paper. “We ourselves yell every time we kick… and we kick a lot.”  Seriously, thank heavens we’re already used to being around other people, or I don’t know how we’d survive this economic downturn!!

However, this evidently very stormy cloud has its own silver lining: Harvard has still managed to hold onto its entire faculty.  Of course, we can’t be certain how long that will last without the free cookies at faculty meetings, and of course, the hot breakfasts.

Prada Spring Sparkles

Images from

Images from; Prada Spring 2010 RTW, September 24, 2009

Although this collection seemed more appropriate for Resort than Spring RTW (must be the general pantslessness), I absolutely love Miuccia Prada’s use of baubles and fabrics.  I could actually see myself wearing most of the collection to class – with some kind of pants, of course – a rare emotion felt during fashion week.  The beachy prints are beautiful, the fabrics look lush, and who doesn’t love sparkling?  (Can someone please DIY the crystal dress? Or the shoes?  The bag?  Anything??)

Though some critics have written off this collection as incomplete or juvenile, I find it interesting and playful, a good combination for Spring.  And I can’t wait until my hair grows long enough so I can wear this cool pigtail look. What do you say??

Alexander McQueen: the shoes and the show

Image from, credit to Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

Image from, credit to Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

This is why I love fashion: the sparkles, the shoes, and the near-absurdity of it all.  I’ve already heard a lot of differing opinions about these shoes – mainly concerning their practicality (these approach 10 inches!), but even about the aesthetics.  To be honest, they resemble the head of a Bedlington terrier haha.   Personally, I think they’re gorgeous, and I would consider wearing them if they were comfortable, or if ankle braces suddenly became a fashion statement… Hmm…


Cuts from Uniquities/Martin & Mary’s photo shoot

Our fall issue is wrapping up (expect it before fall break!), so here are a few pictures from Uniquities and Martin & Mary’s that didn’t make it into the magazine – get excited!

Photography: Matthew Koester
Model: Chloe Wang
Styling: Nicole at Uniquities, Martin at Martin & Mary’s

The September Issue update!

The September Issue - Anna

Image from

Patricia just commented (and tweeted teehee) that the Chelsea Theater in Chapel Hill is showing The September Issue!

The showtimes for tonight through Thursday are 7:10PM and 9:00PM.

I saw it on Saturday at Galaxy Cinema with my sister, another avid Anna/Vogue fan, and my mom, who had no idea who Anna was.
Verdict: Six thumbs up.

The documentary gives a rare, if small, glimpse into Anna Wintour’s personal life and character.  The first 10 seconds after leaving the theater, I was a little disappointed – I guess I expected the documentary to delve deeper into Anna.  But then I realized, if she had openly divulged everything about her, the way she thinks, why she is awesome, etc., she wouldn’t be the cold Anna we know and love.  Besides, Grace Coddington, and to a lesser extent, ALT, were such huge presences that getting to know them made up for it.  There were tons of little trivia about the issue that gave it new meaning for me – I found myself flipping through it after the documentary, and loving it even more.

The September Issue comes out Friday!

Anna Wintour at Mario Schwab; image from

Anna Wintour at Mario Schwab; image from

R.J. Cutler, creator of  The War Room, winner and nominee of various awards that you can find on IMDB, documented Anna Wintour and her Vogue-ttes in the making of the most EPIC issue of Vogue ever.  Weighing in at almost 5 pounds, with 840 pages of editorials, shopping guides, and advertisements, the September 2007 issue of Vogue was the single largest issue ever produced by any magazine.  EVER.

And it FINALLY comes to the Triangle this weekend!

Unfortunately, only Galaxy Cinema in Cary and The Rialto in Raleigh are showing it.  But for your convenience, I, the world’s biggest Team Anna member, have graciously compiled the showtimes for Friday and Saturday (they are the same) at Galaxy Cinema:

1:10 4:00 7:10 9:25

Rest assured, I’ll be back Monday with a review.

In the meantime…

  • The movie’s official website
  • A funny clip of Andre Leon Talley (Editor-at-large, inexhaustible source of one-liners, wearer of HUGE capes, visitor of Raleigh this July!, etc.) playing tennis
  • Another clip: Cover girl Sienna Miller has greasy hair, but more importantly, Grace Coddington (Creative director) is awesome!

And don’t forget to keep up with all the Spring 2010 RTW shows on!  Create lookbooks of your favorites and share please!

Christian Lacroix Forever!

CF09 Lacroix

Images from

I’m amazed that, despite all the recent drama unfolding about the future of Lacroix, he produced such a beautiful line – I guess that’s the mark of a true couturier.  One of the things that stood out to me about this collection is the wearability.  Lacroix has shown pieces in the past that I frankly couldn’t understand, but I can see myself wearing (and would die to wear) every single piece – turbans and all.  Let’s hope this isn’t his last collection!

For a pretty comprehensive history of the Lacroix drama, check out The Cut

American Apparel Special Deals

If you’re in the need of basics for really cheap, American Apparel is having “Special Deals” – it looks like their standard stock in certain colors and sizes.  And since we are all college students with shallow pockets, I found a free shipping code online: MIKECSHIP.  It worked for me!  I just picked up the Fine Jersey Leisure Dress (read: standard polo dress) in Gold – for $12!

Check it out here!

Searching for the Great White

White Tanks
Image sources (L-R):Garance Doré, James Perse via Net-a-Porter, Madewell, T by Alexander Wang

One of my greatest quests in life is the search for the perfect white tank.  A wardrobe staple, it lends itself to any formality of occasion, playing nicely with any colors or accessories thrown into the mix.  I’ve bought an embarassingly high number of tanks from low-end brands like Hanes, more expensive brands like Splendid, and everything in between – honestly.  And I can’t say I’ve yet found my perfect tank: comfortable, loose yet fitted, keeps its shape, and most importantly – not sheer!  Do you share the same struggles?  And even better, have you found the holy grail of white tank tops?