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Closets You Can’t Help But Covet

The racks of clothes, shoes and bags in the closet of The Devil Wears Prada is enough to make any fashionista drool, and when Anne Hathaway’s character brings home new clothes and shoes every day, we begin to wonder: what does a fashion editor’s closet really look like? Thanks to a new website launched by stylist Stephanie Mark and clothing designer Erin Kleinberg, we now have an inside look.  TheCoveted.com (not to be confused with the-coveted.com) offers a peek into the closets of some of the top magazine market editors, buyers, fashion publicists, and designers. Photographer Jake Rosenberg goes behind the scenes and artistically captures the pieces that collectively make a fabulous collection worth coveting.

The fashion icons provide commentary on each piece – why they love it, where it came from, the significance it has on their daily fashion decisions, or even what inspired them to purchase the item. From the images of Jane Keltner De Valle’s impressive shoe display to Mary Kate Steinmiller’s collection of mini skirts, every photo captures the essence of style and luxury that comprises every closet.  As the Dries Van Noten quote on the website states, “It’s more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail – then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?”  The showcased items captivate and enthrall the viewing audience while also manifesting the icon’s personal style. With eight closets added in the past week, this site will definitely become the fashionista’s new obsession!

Photos by Jake Rosenberg – TheCoveted.com

From Wizard to Woman

Emma Watson was first known as the awkward, smart, witty wizard in the first movie of the Harry Potter series.  Nine years later, she has developed into a young style icon and a classic ‘good girl,’ not to mention the highest-earning actress in Hollywood.  Her personal approach to fashion makes her someone to relate to. She was a favorite of the House of Chanel at the age of 14, served as the face of Burberry, and designed a collection for People Tree, which is set to come out next summer.

With the premier of Part One of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, I thought it appropriate to provide a flashback of Emma Watson and her journey from child star to style icon.  And we’ll be wondering along with the rest of the world…what’s next for Emma?

Check out Emma on the cover of the December issue of Marie Claire!

Photos from Marieclaire.com

New Year’s Make-Up Musts

Image from: amberdesire.com

January 31st – the one day it is acceptable to adorn more sequins and glitter than you can ever imagine.  This year, don’t forget to match that sequined mini with a sparkling shadow or liner.  Glittered lids were seen all over the 2009 runways – and not just in the typical silver and gold shimmer.  Urban Decay has a line of multi-colored glitter liners, perfect for that eye-catching New Years look.  Feeling confident enough to cover the whole lid? Apply a glitter eyeshadow from bottom of eyelid to brow line, or blend two different shades. Don’t forget to line the lower lid and inner corners for an eye-opening look. Try M·A·C Glitter eyeshadow in a classic gold or a daring fuchsia, first applying vaseline to the desired area so the glitter will stick.  If the eyeshadow is too much with your sequin dress, focus on just your eyelashes with a glittery mascara or even a pair of fake lashes for a bolder look (Sephora’s glitter lashes).  Remember, focus on one area to avoid a disco-ball disaster.  But don’t forget your glittered top hat and 2010 glasses to bring in the new year!

Scary Costumes… Not Scary Makeup


Lady Gaga's Poker Face by MAC

This Halloween, make sure you aren’t frightening your friends with your makeup job!  But don’t be afraid to get creative and go all out – your makeup can easily make or break your costume.  Simple additions like fake eyelashes or a strong lipstick add an interesting and dramatic pop.  A creative and unique look can drastically improve a simple costume.  Need a little help?  Try Sephora’s Halloween kits, $19 at Sephora.com, designed to provide the best look for any costume, whether its a vicious vampire or a pretty peacock.

Space holder

Space holder

Space holder
Space holder

KI - Sephora Doll, Fairy, Angel makeup kit

Sephora makeup kit for Doll, Fairy, Angel

KI - Sephora Greek Goddess, Peacock, Cleopatra makeup kit

Sephora makeup kit for Greek Goddess, Peacock, Cleopatra

KI - Sephora Vampire, Rock Star, Witch makeup kit

Sepora makeup kit for Vampire, Rock Star, Witch

Versace’s “Glow Sticks”

Versace-Fall-Fashion-2009-033_runway Versace-Fall-Fashion-2009-032_runway Versace-Fall-Fashion-2009-036_runway

Images from elle.com

Donatella Versace’s new collection definitely made its mark on the runway for the Fall 2009 shows.  Versace incorporated shocking hot pinks, fiery reds, and flashing oranges among her stunning and classic black, metallic, and gray pieces.  While full neon dresses and gowns are normally considered ’80’s, Versace cleverly omitted jewelry and embellishments – leaving a clean and modern piece that cannot be mistaken as a vintage dress someone pulled out of their closet.  The thin models graced the runway with fierce dark eye makeup and slicked back hair – adding to the intensity of each Glowing ensemble.

Parsons AAS Line Debut

Parsons AAS Fern Mallis and Betsey JohnsonThis past Thursday, students of the famous Parsons School of Fashion debuted 40 professionally selected looks at the tenth annual AAS Line Debut.  Fashion icons such as Betsey Johnson were also present on the terrace atop Lord & Taylor in midtown NYC to present achievement awards to both alumni and graduating students.  Johnson presented the first ever AAS Icon award to Fern Mallis, senior Vice President, recognizing her groundbreaking achievements in the fashion industry, among them creating and organizing what is now known as “Fashion Week” in New York City, her work with various charities including Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and 7th on Sale, and her undying support of emerging fashion designers.

Parsons AAS Eloise Wong Parsons AAS Niyi Okuboyjo Parsons AAS Taylor Biesel Parsons AAS Betsey Johnson

A True American Dream

Inauguration night: America’s new first lady Michelle Obama glides down the Lincoln Memorial stairs hand in hand with our 44th President of the United States – wearing a dress you designed. One can only imagine how 26-year-old Jason Wu felt when seeing his one-shouldered ivory chiffon ball dress covered in organza flowers and Swarovski crystals on America’s most important woman of the night.

Michelle Obama in Jason Wu's one-of-a-kind ball gown on Inauguration Night 2009

Michelle Obama in Jason Wu's one-of-a-kind ball gown on Inauguration Night 2009

Jason Wu, along with the rest of the world, had no idea what the first lady was going to wear that night. Watching the inaugural ball from his apartment, he “felt like he was floating” when Michelle stepped out in his own design before he was swarmed with phone calls.

Starting his line with money from his doll-clothing business and help from his parents, Jason Wu has only five collections to date, but his inauguration dress helped to push him to the front line of up-and-coming New York fashion designers. His items have an elegant and well-crafted detail – silhouettes mounted with cartridge pleating and embroidered with Swarovski matte jet beads – mirroring the techiniques used by Grés and Dior.

If the first step in his career is designing the inauguration ball gown, just imagine what Jason Wu could bring to the world of fashion.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Wu's Designs

Wu's Designs