A is for…Acid-Wash Jeans

Yesterday’s shoot was for the upcoming fall fashion spread, Stylist’s Choice, showcasing 6 hot items our stylists are loving for fall. One of our picks was a pair of vintage turquoise acid-wash jeans. Pairing them with a men’s over-sized tuxedo shirt and funky sneaks, all of the stylists (including myself) just went ga-ga over this throwback 80’s trend. What do you think? Should this look be restricted to Saved by the Bell re-runs, or should they make a comeback for fall ’09?

A sneak peek from the shoot

A sneak peek from the shoot

Maria Ward: The Girl Behind the Blog

The girl behind the blog:

I LOVE fashion. Surprise, surprise, right? : )

I believe fashion can take you anywhere. Slip on a LBD and you’re Audrey Hebpurn. Step in to some sky-high heels and you’re Marilyn Monroe. Or, button up in a chic blazer and slacks and you’re Marlene Dietrich. The possibilities are endless. Fashion can lend you an air of confidence and sophistication. It can make you feel glamorous and sexy.

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Why hello there. Maria here. I’m Stylist Director for UNC’s ONE AND ONLY fashion mag, Kaleidoscope, as well as your new go-to for Fashion: A to Z. Each day I will give you your daily dose of the infinite world of fashion–covering trends, fab finds, fashion news and even some tips and tricks along the way. Every day will be a little different. I love fashion because it is never boring. It’s always changing, always shifting–just as my blog will. So put me on your radar and keep checkin’ in, that is, if you can keep up…