Inspired by others

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Photo from understands that people draw inspiration from others. This website allows you to view pictures of edgy, cool, chic girls and guys from around the world. And if the pictures don’t catch your attention, the picture names are so unique (“You’re right behind me as before,” “And with every passing day, true colors show,” etc.).

Check it out to be inspired by global fashionistas!

Fall Philosophy

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The approach of fall is evident: the leaves are falling, the days are getting longer and 8 a.m. classes seem to start in the middle of the night. But for me, fall is signaled by what is found in Sephora. I can always go there and smell my favorite fall scents from Philosophy. The brand adds pumpkin spice muffin, candy corn and caramel apple scents to its Shampoo, Shower and Bubble Bath line in the fall. These multitasking products are only $16–not bad to wash both your hair and body. And for Halloween, you can purchase the candy corn and caramel apple scents as a Halloween set for only $20. The best thing about the Philosophy line is that their scents are designed to only last until the end of the shower. No lingering smell means you can put on perfume afterward without having to worry about the scents mixing. Enjoy your favorite fall treats without the guilt.

Zeno Magic


Being a stressed-out college student means we are all prone to breakouts, and in the winter our skin is at its driest. It can be hard to treat pimples with topical treatments, which tend to dry out skin even more. However, I invested in a Zeno and for $89, I feel like I have a mini dermatologist in the palm of my hand. The Zeno is a hand-held device with a tip that heats to a certain temperature. The heat decreases inflammation and safely destroys the bacteria inside the pimple. This device is costly, but after the recommended use of 2 times daily for 2 and a half minutes, you see results. The pimple is either drastically reduced in size or gone completely. I think it’s a safe way to quickly eliminate pimples without scarring and without drying out skin. I was originally intimidated by its scary beeping and heated tip, but the results made it worth it! After using it for several months now, I feel like I have much more control over my skin. This is a great investment for people who have mild to moderate acne (the kind with a raised white bump). The Zeno allows me to quickly and painlessly thwart pimples before they become worse. No more cover up sticks or messy creams for me!

What alternative ways do you use to treat breakouts?