House of Holland and London Fashion Week

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Although New York Fashion Week has come to a close, the fashion world still has another lineup of great runway shows to look forward to. Yesterday marked the start of London Fashion Week! The schedule boasts big-name designers like Felder Felder, Jonathan Saunders, Acne, and Temperley London, while offering new designers a chance to stage their collections as well.

Three years ago, Henry Holland was one of these new designers. 2008 was the first year House of Holland had a solo show at London Fashion Week, with Agyness Deyn as Holland’s model and muse. The 2008 show captured Holland’s quirkiness and sense of humor with its clever, slogan-ridden T-shirts.

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The House of Holland Fall 2011 show, which took place yesterday, also captured Holland’s playfulness and youthful appeal. In the last few years, House of Holland has become as well-recognized for its patterned tights as it has for its T-shirts, and yesterday’s show did not disappoint. Neon geometric patterns and classic “House of Holland” alphabet prints dominated the tights. A majority of the models also wore knee socks, which were striped with bright colors. One model wore a signature Henry t-shirt, which read “Hawt Couture.”

Yet despite the colorful, fun appeal of the show’s colors and designs, the inspiration for the collection appeared to be not from the young, but the elderly. With its sweaters (one model even wore a neon Afghan blanket!), knee-length skirts, and frequent use of tweed materials, the show’s vibe was distinctly granny-esque. One could almost imagine a white-haired woman playing bingo in Holland’s plaid jumpers as easily as he could see a young woman wearing the same thing – a contrast Tavi Gevinson would most certainly approve.

Want to see the rest of the looks? Check out’s slideshow here!

Shiny Like the Moon

We all do our best to wake up with plenty of time to groom ourselves in the morning, but every so often, you just can’t drag yourself out of bed. Before you know it, you’re rushing to get to class on time – at this point, appearance isn’t of great importance. Sometimes, it’s late enough that you aren’t able to hop in the shower, wash your hair, and finish the rest of your morning routine. But with the appearance of more and more dry shampoos and conditioners, this can all change.

Even if you wake up too late to give your hair a full-on lather, various companies offer hair-cleaning solutions that don’t require the use of water. The products promise to get rid of oil and smell, without leaving residue. Just sprinkle some of the powder on your hair, leave it on for a few minutes, comb it out, and you’re done.

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

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Welcome to the World

If you’re looking into summer internships in foreign cities, going over study abroad options, planning an exotic spring break, or just wishing you were somewhere else, we have the perfect accessories. Whether or not you’re actually planning a trip, the essentials we’ve rounded up will make you feel like a world-class traveler.

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Style File: Marina Diamandis

If you’ve shopped at Urban Outfitters in the last few months, chances are high that you nodded your head to the beats of Marina and the Diamonds’ infectious tracks from her 2010 album, The Family Jewels. But did you know that the young lady behind the music, Marina Diamandis, has impeccable taste in fashion as well? and Nylon Magazine were quick to notice Diamandis’ fun, quirky style – after seeing some of the outfits she’s put together, you’ll want to emulate her too.

In her noteworthy music videos, Diamandis has worn attention-grabbing neon outfits and colored body paints. If she keeps pulling out great everyday outfits, though, her personal style will become more memorable than her inventive video attire! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Marina outfits and looks – which ones do you like best?

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Juliet Sharp: The Newest Member of the Gossip Girl Elite

Anyone who’s tuned into Gossip Girl this season will be familiar with Juliet Sharp, a refreshingly new character in the never-ending New York saga. Juliet, played by Katie Cassidy (of Melrose Place and the recent Nightmare on Elm Street), is a peer of the original characters, half of whom now attend Columbia University. Though they are all underclassmen, Sharp looks considerably older than the others, which makes us wonder if she’s come to Columbia for more than a world-class academic education.

The most intriguing aspect of Cassidy’s character, though, is her style. Sharp is markedly less affluent than her counterparts, and has been seen wearing clothes with tags attached (to return later) and sealing return packages to mail to Rent the Runway. She has worked for Eleanor Waldorf and her clothing line, and relies on a cousin to pay for her tuition.

Gossip Girl stylists have done a great job at mixing expensive and thrifty pieces to create Juliet’s wardrobe. She has worn Topshop clothing in multiple episodes, but has worn a healthy mix of designer pieces as well. Whether or not the clothes were supposed to actually be hers, Juliet has pulled off high-end outfits effortlessly.

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Items that are hot right now are pieces from the popular Alexander McQueen for Puma line, and their collaboration with Nylon Magazine. They’re also having a sale that boasts a 20 percent discount on select items, so you really have no excuse not to at least give ASOS a look! And if you subscribe to their newsletter, without even buying anything, they’ll automatically enter you to win a $1000 E-gift card to buy holiday presents for your family and friends, and something for yourself too!

Did we mention ASOS also has their own fashion magazine? It’s exclusively online and features models wearing products available on their site, but the magazine also offers feature articles and is consistently covered by It Girls of our time. Example: Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl is the current cover girl, and other recent cover girls include Olivia Palermo, Emma Stone, and Bonnie Wright (of Harry Potter).

With so many things to offer, our only question to you is – which ASOS feature will you check out first?

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