Staying Healthy During Exams

As we near the end of another semester, its extremely important we all stay healthy to enjoy the Holiday Season that comes afterward. Final assignments, group projects, exams and the stress that comes with all of that on top of the freezing cold are all factors fighting against us this time of year. Here are three helpful reminders to make sure you’re keeping your body and mind as healthy as possible over the next two weeks.

  • Don’t make fun of the weather. We all know how cold it is, especially this last week and weekend, so going to class in running shorts or out to the bar in your tiniest dress with no coat isn’t accomplishing anything except a sore throat. Even though you may feel warm when you go out at night because of the alcohol, remember it’s just an illusion and your body is more susceptible to illness when it can’t maintain its normal temperature.
  • Minimize stress. While this may seem nearly impossible during exam time there are some things you can do to help your body and mind out. Try to get as much sleep as possible. This usually means not waiting until the last minute to do work. Don’t pull all-nighters on back-to-back nights. This wreaks havoc on your mind and your body. You won’t be able to think as clear and you sure won’t look as fresh.
  • Listen to your body. Our bodies have this amazing ability to tell us when something is wrong, i.e. your stomach growls when you’re hungry, your eyes get heavy when you’re sleepy, etc. Your body will tell you if it is getting sick, so be on the lookout for signs like sore throat, swollen glands and drowsiness. Be proactive by eating healthy and taking vitamins, too. Just because its exam time doesn’t mean you should stop your regimen of vitamins, healthy food and exercise. The more normal you keep your routine, the less likely you are to get sick.

Hope everyone stays happy and healthy, well at least healthy, for the duration of the semester. Enjoy your Holidays! Good luck!!

Organization 101

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No matter the level of fashionista or how many items you have in your closet, none of that matters if it’s not organized. This is a topic that many of us take for granted and literally shove it into the back of our closets. Having an organized closet is important for multiple reasons. You will wear more of your clothes, it will trans

late into a more organized lifestyle, it will ease some of the stress of choosing an outfit and getting ready and it will even save you money. How, you might ask? Well, easy. If you can actually see all of your clothes and they aren’t wadded up on a shelf or in a drawer or half way off a hanger, then you will remember that little black dress you bought three years ago that you’ve only worn once because you can see it.Once organized, you’ll definitely want to keep it this way simply because it looks better. Knowing where everything is and being able to easily access it will make choosing an outfit a much smoother process. And, lastly, believe it or not, organizing can save you money. You are less likely to buy similar clothes or even repeats of what you already own if you group similar things together so you know exactly what you have.

Now all of this may sound great, but you feel like your closet is in so much disarray that it’s a hopeless cause? Well, don’t. Organizing is easy if you follow these simple rules that won’t cost you a dime and work in even the smallest closets. I recently organized my mom’s closet for her, which I don’t think she has EVER done, and these are some helpful tips I gathered during the process. You’ll never want to shut your closet door again!

1. Hang as much as you possibly can. Whether you’re dealing with a miniature-sized dorm closet or a luxurious walk-in, this is the number one rule. Hanging your clothes will not only reduce wrinkling, but it showcases them. Now, if you can’t hang everything, then I suggest hanging things you wear most often or what you consider most important. You can even do this seasonally and switch out. If you can’t hang everything, I also suggest storing your clothes in easily accessible under-bed storage containers or something similar to this.

2. Hang similar items together. This rule is pretty self-explanatory. Hang dresses with dresses, t-shirts with t-shirts, tanks with tanks, etc. How detailed you want to get is up to you. Personally, the more detailed the better and color coordinating is a plus. Grouping by color helps you see how varied or unvaried your wardrobe really is. Too much black or not enough print will show itself.

3. Get rid of what you don’t need. Don’t be afraid of donating your clothes. Just because it was your favorite shirt in 9th Grade does not mean you’ll ever wear it again or even need it. This is a particularly hard thing for me to do because I can always come up with an excuse to need something one day. If you just can’t part with it, but don’t plan on needing or wearing it any time soon, then store it elsewhere.

4. Once you hang all you can or want to hang, organize your drawers and storage bins the same way. Fold things neatly, they will be easier to access, and group similar things together.

5. Use shelves for purses, scarves, etc. If you have shelving in your closet, this is the ideal place to showcase your other fashionista pieces. You can do this by using storage bins or just placing your items directly on the shelves.

6. Shoes. As much as I HATE shoe racks and over-the-door hangers, sometimes they’re necessary. We all have too many shoes. We can’t help it. Keep an eye on them and don’t hold on to anything that isn’t salvageable. Shoes can also be easily switched out season to season, so keep that in mind.

Hope these tips can help you get organized and stop wasting your money buying something you already have in the back of your closet. Remember: if everything has a home you will always know where it is.