Authors & Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Kelsey Erdossy

Managing Editor: Josh Kongmany

Art Director: Dara Schwartz

Executive Editor: Kirsten Ballard

Blog Editor: Josh Kongmany

PR Director:  Jenny Bingham


Madeline Erdossy

Mary Frances Buoyer

John Geraghty
Marisa Hill Dunn
Isabella Kinkelaar



Ben Lineberger
Delainey Farris
Kali Hackett
Emily Vaughn



Dara Schwartz

Audrey Hum

Bernadine Dembosky

Sydney Slater


Paige Plumblee
Connor Williams
Chandler Leik



Katie McNulty
Deena Cronson
Amanda Malloy


Paige Plumblee
Ginger Melton
Kate Eastman
Amanda Malloy

1 thought on “Authors & Staff

  1. I’m working with an 8th grader who is doing a project on preppy fashions. She would like to email or interview someone to ask about their thoughts about fashion trends, preppy styles, Greek life, etc.
    It would be quick, and fun.

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