Dear Diary

Not all journals are of the blushing fifth grade variety. These witty, pretty notebooks from J. Crew are all grown up and perfect for anyone who has ever needed a place to doodle, jot down ideas or list, as one journal’s title requests, “Hipsters I Met and Liked”. Best of all, each journal is only $10 so it won’t break the bank when you can’t live without one in every color!

Zac Posen for Target

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“Zac Posen brings larger-than-life style to his Target collection, creating a covetable line with a modern edge,” said Trish Adams, senior vice president, Target.

 Posen will launch an exclusive collection on and at most Target stores nationwide on April 25, 2010.  The collection is composed of day wear, suting and evening wear for  sophistacated, chic women of a variety of age groups. Working in the industry since the age of 16, Posen opened his first studio in NYC at the age of 21 in 2002. Zac Posen is definitely I designer to keep up with. Check out Target this April for a look at his designs.

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Zac Posen for Target Polka Dot Dress in Vesper Lilac Polka Dot Print, $39.99

Zac Posen for Target BraidedBelt in Multi, $24.99

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Zac Posen for Target Rain Coat in Yellow, $49.99

Zac Posen for Target Ruched Skirt in Black, $34.99

Fall 2010 Runway Trends

In Paris, New York and Milan, the world’s prominent fashion capitals, fashion week for fall 2010 ready-to-wear has both kicked started and come to an end faster than any of us designer lovers could ever fathom, leaving us lusting for Tokyo and LA coming up in the next weeks. However, this mourning could not last long because these fashion weeks left lasting impressions full of inspiring collections and outstanding trends. There is no one way to sum up the fall 2010 collections, but perhaps to just say “Bravo! They have done it yet again.”

All senses are aroused when experiencing these fall collections. Not one trend disappoints. I personally picked out some of the overlapping styles and designs strewn throughout all the designers, both quirky and elegant.


This season gold will not only be adorned on the neck, finger, or wrist.  Designers are branching out from the usual use of gold in jewelry and putting it directly into their designs with metallic fabrics.  Someone once said, “Even the just may sin, if a gold chest is placed in front of them.” Take this to heart.  If one of these garments were placed in front of my eyes I would surely bust my bank account.

Carmen Marc Volvo

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A little influence from the royals of the Middles Age came through in this season’s trends. Velvet is now the hot material to add into fall collections, making any outfit look rich. This soft fabric is both pleasant to the touch and the eye.

Alexander Wang

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When the word monochromatic hits the tongue, instantly there is a taste of blandness with a little lackluster thrown in.  However, this trend is hitting the runways this season on more of a zesty note.  The neutral, all-one-color look is both sophisticated and bold. Don’t turn your head on this trend because it’s sure to stay as a staple in any city girl’s wardrobe.


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Associated with passion, love and pain, red is a color that cannot be missed.  This color is splashed all over the runway this season, making impacts in collections in hues such as crimson, scarlet, and maroon. Although monochromatic seems to be dominating the spotlight, don’t be afraid to punch up your wardrobe with this daring color.

Carolina Herrera

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One out-of-the-box trend revealed itself through cowboy hats, native prints, and plastic toy guns. The American Southwest holds traditions in Native American culture and rootin’ tootin’ cowboys, familiarized through the movie scene. The American Southwest is brought to life in this season’s collections through accessories and fabrics. Be sure to hold on to those moccasins for your wardrobe this fall.

William Rast

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What are you lusting for this coming fall? I realize we are still waiting for the summer to slowly approach. But honestly! Who can’t help but long for those days where the leaves change and the wind comes a blowing, to bundle down in those new fall clothes you invested in over the summer months. If the answer is no, take a look for yourself at the collections in fall 2010 ready-to-wear. Lust is only a click away.

Fab’rik to Come to the New East 54

As a local of Richmond, VA, I have some of the greatest shopping around, and in my opinion, in the country.  Downtown holds some of the cutest and unique boutiques one could imagine, but honestly, I love to brag about our malls.  Short Pump Town Center holds almost every store desired.  Although the Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and H&M are must sees,  the one store I never miss is Fab’rik. 

A boutique founded in Atlanta, Fab’rik prides itself on one-of-a-kind pieces almost  all below the $100 mark.  I have found myself stocking up on numerous cocktail dresses and party tops on every visit.  But the best news of all is that Fab’rik is opening up a store right down Raleigh Road in East 54, a “new urban” condo development.  Although the exact opening date is tentative, the boutique’s signs are visible from the road foreshadowing a grand opening sure to be extraordinarily popular. 

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Print On Print

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This spring don’t be subtle about your fashion choices.  Print on print is making its way back to the runway and can be seen on city streets worldwide.  The spring 2010 runway collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs is just one example of designers jumping out of the box.  His collection, full of life with a mix-match of colors, prints, and fabrics, clearly is a leap from the norm.  Although khaki is a significant trend this season, change it up on occasion with these fun flirty combinations.

Best of Coats: Fall 2009 to Winter 2010

Now that it’s getting a bit nippy outside, its time to bring out last season’s winter coat.  But wait!  The holidays are coming up so why not ask for that coat you’ve been dying for ever since you walked past the window display at the local Saks or Nordstrom?  I know my birthday and Christmas are coming up so heck, why not ask for a matching pair of off-white leather gloves?  This season is seeing a wide range of coat trends including oversized collars, ruffles, fur, and strong shoulders.

Check out the Fall 09 RTW collections of Donna Karan and Louis Vutton for inspiration!

F09 RTW Donna Karan

Donna Karan Fall 2009 RTW; Image from

“The Sartorialist”: Fashion Inspiration

The Sartorialist

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Clicking through numerous fashion websites and blogs today I eventually found my way to a page stocked full of bright and interesting photos.  These photos did not contain the latest trends or the newest fall coat, but real life people in their real life outfits.  These pictures, taken from the streets of various cities such as NYC, Paris and Milano, portray people running to grab Starbucks or hailing a cab for work, all while displaying impeccable style.  Scott Schuman, the writer and photographer behind the blog, envisioned his site as a place to display photos of people who, in turn, would give inspiration to his viewers.

Schuman says, “My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration. Rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres.”

Check out The Sartorialist to get your own inspiration!


Editor’s note: We’ve blogged about The Sartorialist before, but it’s always refreshing to hear another opinion!  If you like The Sartorialist, check out Jak & Jil and Garance Doré (Scott’s girlfriend!). Don’t forget, you can buy The Sartorialist’s book – not your typical coffee-table-sized book, it’s perfect for reading on the go.  It’s almost entirely pictures – some from the website, some previously unseen.  It’s sold at Barnes & Noble (both Durham and Southpoint stores), and I’ve seen it at Anthropologie at Southpoint as well.  Seriously, it’s totally worth the money!

Dell’s Mark In Fashion


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Now through November 9th, Bergdorf Goodman is helping introduce the new Adamo laptop from Dell by displaying these gadgets in their complementarily-dressed windows on the streets of New York.  Douglas Little, creative director for D.L. & Co. Purveyors of Curious Goods, partnered with Dell to create a chic and luxurious line of PCs that incorporate Douglas’s designs, including crocodile skin and Swarovski crystals.  The laptops go for around $4000, but honestly, who wouldn’t want to pull a grand piece of artwork out from their satchel everytime they have to log on to Blackboard?  Makes doing those quizzes and writing on those discussion boards 100 times better.  What do you think?


Image: Your Career Is On The Line

We all know that a person’s appearance is important for a job interview in any career.  But really, how important is it?  In my opinion, image is EVERYTHING.  Honestly, who doesn’t make judgements and assumptions based on the effort a person puts into their day-to-day style and dress?  Looking haggard and wornout makes you look weak rather than the powerful, professional character you really are.  A good first impression is imperative.

So how should you dress?  The simplest answer is: everyday, you should leave your home looking impeccable, head to toe.  With proper, professional, yet stylish, attire and immaculate grooming, you will always be ahead and on top.

Now for the clothes… A skirt suit is a must for every woman’s closet.  For a first interview, a skirt suit is the safest choice.  Keep the accesories simple and the perfume at a minimum.  An interview is not the time to try the latest Britney Spears fragrance you bought the other day at CVS.  Go for simple studs for earrings and an elegant watch on your wrist.  For shoes, always go for something sleek, comfortable, and professional.  No, this is not the time for those coughjackrogerscough grlackk… But say yes to a simple pair of black pumps or cute flats.  Skirts should hit at or below the knee and tights should be worn in most circumstances.  Here are some not-so-drab looks to empower and impress!

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Banana Republic

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